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Young Cameroonian artists fail to market and distribute their music during outdoor events/shows. We need to fix this!!

I attended a show/event this past weekend, still around the Bonaberi area in Douala. It was the video release party of the song “Beng Beng” by fast rising artist, Asu Chalz.

The organization setup didn’t make it look like a video release party as it was more like a concert or regular show coz many other young artists had the chance to hit the stage, perform and entertain the crowd.

I still think young artists have not been able to adapt to that change from the old distribution and marketing ways to the digital methods. At one moment during the night, I had the opportunity to address them on stage and I told them that most of them do not read from the few blogs we have around, or they don’t get the chance to consume the little content that we pass dish out once in a while.

About 10 years ago and above, artists will usually show up for performances and events with copies of their CDs, ready to distribute after their performances. This is not the case now as the digital world has killed the CD business et al., but like I mentioned above, many artists have not embraced that new method of distribution and marketing.

Artists are called up to perform, the come on stage, put up an amazing performance with a nice song that has not been heard by many in the hall and leave the stage immediately after their performance. This is very wrong, this is bad for business and it means bad orientation, bad planning, and bad marketing.

Within 30 seconds, an artist is supposed to be able to sell himself, the music, his album etc. to the public before or after his performance. This is the marketing we are talking about: “I’m called Fabz, from #Mbatu and the song I’m about to perform is titled “My girl” off my debut album which drops in 5 months or 6 months etc…”

Within another 30 seconds, an artist should be able to distribute the music that he will perform or has performed. Distribution here is no longer by sharing CDs to those who want it, but rather by doing it the digital way which is simply; “You can get my songs via #YouTube, #Bandcamp, #Soundcloud etc. via the name “Fabz Chi” or you can search me on Facebook and Twitter Fabz Chi…

70% of artists nowadays do not do this and if I can understand why established artists do not do it, what exactly can be the reason why young upcoming artists fail to do it?

Those who listen and watch you perform can end up being your number one fans and should serve as ambassadors to your music. If you perform in front of them and they don’t know your name, they don’t know where to find your music, why then did you perform? Why did you choose music as a career?

Watch and download Asu Chalz – Beng Beng: https://kesamagazine.com/music-asu-chalz-beng-beng/

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