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Why Now? Fans Question Richard Bona for speaking out about his Canal d’Or Award mistake.


52 years old Cameroonian Grammy Award-winning jazz bassist Richard Bona has taken to social media recently to address the Canal d’Or award organisers

The Canal d’Or is the most prestigious award show in Cameroon. This event held every two years honors the best in music, movie and dedicates special prizes to talented entertainers in Cameroon and Africa at large.

Richard Bona

In 2009 Richard Bona won the award for best “Artiste ou musicien world” category. According to his Facebook post, Richard Bona received the trophy through the mail as he is based in Europe but didn’t open the box it was sent in until few days back. He claims he was going through old stuffs at home and found the box.

Richard Bona Canal D'or Facebook post

After looking at the Award, the talented artiste realised there was an error on the Award, as “musicien” was spelled “musien”. Richard therefore took to his social media account(Facebook) to express his disappointment at the Canal d’Or team for making such a silly mistake and sending across borders to him.

Richard bona canal d'or award

The expression has opened several debates on social media. While others are backing Bona for his actions and saying Canal d’Or was to realize the mistake and fix it before sending it across.

Others are however accusing Richard Bona of hypocrisy and questioning why he only had to open that said box now or if it were his Grammy award trophy which had same mistake would he have expressed such dismay.

One thing to note is Richard Bona has always been a blunt person as he’s over the years been on the Cameroon governments neck questioning the injustices happening in the country and the corrupt nature of the government system. He’s even promised never to return home if the system is still with the current leaders.

Richard Bona

This experience though with different feelings attached, is an opportunity for award organizers to step up and be more professional in their dealings.

For even though some people might see the mistake as trivial and not a room for all the charade Richard Bona has put up it is important to still be more careful and not overlook such little details.



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