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Kerozen explains why he failed to perform at the concert in Douala scheduled for April 12th.

In a recent Facebook live session, Ivorian singer, Kerozen explains why he missed the concert in Douala on the 12th of April 2019.

He narrates that his manager visited the site of the event around 6pm and was surprised that nothing was set up to ensure the smooth running of the event. The stage wasn’t set, no security, no sound etc.

He was surprised, knowing that a concert like that that will involve children, elderly people etc., how come at 6pm, there is no police or security to ensure it goes on well?

He also adds that in his country, Ivory Coast, the stage is always set up about 48 hours before the event, because it encourages people to turn up and ensures that everything is put in place for the event to be successful.

Kerozen further explains that many people had convinced him not to use the organizer coz he is new, telling him that he is inexperienced and may not pay his money etc. But Kerozen being who he is, he does not listen to people, he engages himself into projects that he loves and he really wanted to come perform organized by the young guy with the platform, Genesis. Also, every requirement that was asked by Kerozen and his team were met including visas, flight tickets, Hotel rooms, advanced payment etc., so he had no reason to doubt the young guy.

So his manager called the organizer to come meet them at the hotel and explain what is happening.

The organizer by name Gabriel came to the hotel crying, crying like a baby. Kerozen asks, why are you crying? Is it a problem of money?

Gabriel says no, it’s not a problem of money. He said it’s a problem of honour, he said he was worried that he has done everything for Kerozen to come to Cameroon and have a good show but the show may not hold.

He says he paid for the Podium, sound and security since February. He even showed some receipts of the logistic arrangements that he had done more than 2 months ago.

He adds that one day before the show, the company that was supposed to deliver those extra services is not available. He calls them asking why they are not going to build the podium and make arrangements as the artist was already in town and the promo had been done successfully; but the podium guys say they want 1 million more. The organizer pays the 1 extra million but yet, the stage wasn’t set up.

So that’s how it failed. The stage didn’t go up, no security, no sound. The organizer was worried about Kerozen ‘s balance money, but Kerozen said he should keep the balance and try to return the money paid for tickets by fans because such a situation could be considered as sabotage.

Kerozen greatly regrets not being able to join his Cameroon fans but that they should understand it’s not his fault and that he has them at heart.



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