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“Whenever I am alone I talk to myself like I am mad” Mareta West expresses the frustrations she felt due to prolonged Singlehood.

i noticed everyone was getting married or having kids.Yes i wanted that as well and i know most of you young girls aimed for that”.

Cameroonian fashion designer Reneta Nwonori Ndisang aka Mareta West or Shortyma revealed on her Facebook wall how she suffered some years back with the quest of getting married at 25. She was getting drained by the fact most of her mates and young ladies around her were getting married and making babies while she wallowed.

“25 passed nothing,before i realised i was 29 then my worries became worst. I am single and if i cant be married i should have my child,my birthday wish when i turn 29th. I prayed for it to happen but as we know God has his ways.Nothing. When ever i am alone i talk to myself like i am mad,sometimes i go on my knees and cry out to God”

Mareta was already a successful young designer and only wanted to settle down as a lady or atleast have a baby of hers. At 29 her depression or frustration intensified and became a shadow of herself.

“I had to throw myself and acted like nothing in the world matters.My hair shabby, my looks shabby plus debts i was involve in. I had serious issues taking care of myself so much that,those around me noticed and spoke to me but it was not what i wanted. All i wanted was a child. Then towards my birthday, I asked myself,what the hell is happening to me?I went through my past photos and noticed how good i use to look.My childhood friend will always remind me of how good i looked.”

Obviously Renate was so depressed at this point and needed therapy or a miracle to re-establish herself in confidence and hope.

“i turn 30 this year, wouufff i decided not to let anything or anyone disturb my happiness.Yes i want a child but again God has his plans i cant fast forward it, Yes i want to have a man but i can’t fast forward Gods plan. I decided to make my every blessed day memorable. To be happy and live my life while God answers my prayers.”

Clearly a miracle happened to her soul. She realised her quest was not coming to light and no matter how she hit on herself nothing came to light. Mareta gave her life a fair chance. Today, she is an example to other young ladies who have not found favour in their delight of being wives and making babies.

“Girls do not rush into marriage or anything because your friends are in that situation. Be careful u can not treat nature.Happiness is a choice so choose wisely. Anyone who tries to put pressure i push them away because it took me 5years to realise that live is not bed of roses.”

It is surely a deep relief to live free and happy. Her story is true and her advise is life saving mostly to ladies without happiness because they feel like they are above marriage age .

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