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Wabo Collins launches iPhone Cameroun shops in Douala and Yaounde

“Iphone Cameroun”, a one stop shop for anything and everything Apple phones, owned by young Cameroonian Wabo Collins is about to become the nationwide reference for Apple products.

Wabo Collins, a young Cameroonian entrepreneur is well and truly back in his native Cameroon after a long stay abroad with some great ideas and ambitions. After several years spent out of Cameroon, Collins decided to return and invest. He recently set up “iPhone Cameroon” a one stop for anything and everything Apple phones.

At Just 25 years old, Collins wants to change many things. Being the CEO of “iPhone Cameroon” he has thought everything through. In his travels, he learnt so much, most of which he wants to give back to his community and country.

Wabo Collins iPhone Cameroun
Wabo Collins of iPhone Cameroun

With a strong passion for playing basketball and just over 2m tall, Collins had used his height to live a passion. After his studies, he engaged himself in basketball and was champion of Cameroon 2013, 2014 before later stopping. Today, through his company he wants to be a leader.

Counterfeiting in Cameroon has reached an extreme high level, we must be wary of everything. The purchase of a device (phone, computer, watch, television, …) has become difficult to achieve. Today, many people are more and more suspicious. They are afraid to be fooled as usual. So many sellers are dishonest. In Cameroon, there are countless stores and very few are those who manage to fully satisfy their customers.

Faced with this mentality, “iPhone Cameroon” aims to follow its customers until they are satisfied. Thus, its development and deployment in Cameroon continues wisely. Being the project of a young Cameroonian, the company has everything to please and satisfy.

Soon to be the leader in Africa, here is what you need to know about “iPhone Cameroon”

“iPhone Cameroon” is a company that sells and specializes in Apple products Apple products from the USA. With certified products and enjoying a minimum warranty of one year, “iPhone Cameroon” offers an effective after-sales service. Many companies offer after-sales services that they do not really honor.

Cameroon’s new darling, “iPhone Cameroon” applies a service similar to American sales services. This is not a coincidence since the CEO of the company took the time to observe well before coming back to Cameroon to implement.

The vision of “iPhone Cameroon” is to allow any Cameroonian to use authentic products at unbeatable prices with iPhones ranging from 50.000Fcfa. In addition to offering a repair service, “iPhone Cameroon” has a team to give advice and tips for effective and maximum use of Apple products. This is what we can call full service.

Where to find its stores?

Since 2020, iPhone Cameroon continues to grow and expand. Today, it has a total of 04 stores and a fifth that will be opened in the coming days in Douala. This new shop in Douala will be added to one other already present in Akwa, opposite Emily Saker which was unveiled last May 31, 2021.



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