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KESA Music Review! Here is our Opinion about Vanister’s “Camerounais Et Fier”

Have you watched the music video of “Camerounais Et Fier” performed by the very talented Vanister?

Well, I must confess I have mixed feelings about this particular project. You know that kind of situation where you listen to the beats of a song, artiste’s delivery, and performance is almost perfect, but the lyrics almost kills the vibe right?

Vanister is among the best singers and performers in Cameroon at the moment. And I’m truly happy that he has begun his professional journey and is being backed by the biggest promoters and stakeholders.

This song “Camerounais et fier” received much media praise and buzz when he initially performed it in a home video that went viral on social media. This is where I first watched it and to be honest, I was amazed by the performance

In the song, he preaches unity in Cameroon, he says he cannot refuse his identity. He cannot refuse his originality. He calls for He says let’s stand together English or French, let’s stand for peace…

So you see, not that I have anything against unity or peace, just that I believe that aspect of Justice is always important and we usually ignore it. Besides, my political views are not in question here, but I needed to let you know that the lyrics of the song, or concept in general will not be agreed by everyone (for obvious reasons).

But again, on the song itself and like I mentioned, the artistes delivery and the beats, it was just spot on and I seriously think that Vanister has a lot yet to offer to Cameroon culture.

The video directed by Adah Akenji portrayed that unity as the director tried to capture scenes and respected monuments and icons from around the country. Vanister in the video dressed in toghu for the most part as he blended into the concept of unity in Cameroon.

The truth is that I ought to have dropped this little review ever since. But each time I wanted to do it, something kept disturbing or something seemingly more important will come in to disturb. I’m sure it’s that little discouragement around the lyrics which rightfully I may not too much agree with.

But I got to realise that a song is not all about the lyrics. There are songs that I vibe to that have been sung in Swahili and Igbo and I hardly know what they mean. We vibe to those songs because of the beauty of the delivery, performance, and flow of the artiste and the others involved in the project.

Vanister’s “Camerounais et fier” is a powerful song and as you watch it, you will see that potential and that future culture icon that I and many others have confirmed already. Check out the song via links below.

Download on KESA: https://kesamagazine.com/music-video-vanister-camerounais-et-fier/


This is very good and addictive music.

Overall, we will rate this song 8/10

So Guys ?

What’s Your Opinion About Vanister’s “Camerounais Et Fier”?


On A Scale Of 1 – 10, Rate Vanister’s “Camerounais Et Fier”

Let’s hear your view.



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