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Tzy Panchak a spring to exposure for uprising artistes

TzY Panchak and how he’s done more for the industry in just 4 years.

While others claim to be putting Cameroon on the map, Tzy Panchak is doing more at home. He is using his platform to discover and expose young talents. These talents will soon come up and together build a better and bigger music industry in Cameroon. Watch out for the “Put Your Hands On We” freestyle challenge winners!

tzy panchak

His real names are Etah Tambe Nyenti and was born on Feb 27. He is known across the nation and internationally as “Tzy Panchak”. Tzy came to the spotlight in 2015 after he did a cover of Nigerian singer Kiss Daniel’s song “Woju”. The cover song got him on so many lips. Shortly after he got signed to one of Cameroon’s decorated record labels “Blu Nation Recording”. There he’s been delivering tremendous projects and producing incredible hits songs back to back. What makes Tzy Panchak amongst those who have done much for the industry is not the hits he’s made or the international recognition he’s had but the way he’s shared his platform and brought to the spotlight many raw upcoming talents.

Tzy Panchak

In April 2019, Panchak launched his first freestyle challenge with his widely acclaimed song “Na So”. Lots of upcoming artistes participated and wowed the online audience, who viewed the freestyle videos as dropped. In as much as there were many good verses dropped on “Na So”, 3 freestyle verses were accepted as the best. Vivid Smith, Cleo Grae and Tina Vernyuy won.They later featured in the video of the song. It should be noted that, after the release the song was highly celebrated and widely viewed. It is now at 1.6million YouTube views.


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The “Na So” remix was such a boost to the careers of the artistes featured. They all released good singles and their fan base increased, Surely, they also gained mentorship from Tzy Panchak . Tina Vernyuy most especially has stayed glued to the spotlight since “Na So” remix project. She has released 3 other songs of her own under her owned record label know as the “TINANATION”. The songs are; “Yuti” (featuring Kikoh), “Musica” and “Jei”, which many consider hits. Today, we have another female hit maker who is set to take Cameroon music far and wide.


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Vivid Smith is not a new name in the industry but has obviously gained more fans and exposure lately. He was the lead singer of “Realm Squad” which made a lot waves in Buea around 2015. The talented singer faced some shadows in his career before the collabo with Tzy. After the “Na So” project, Vivid has released “My Love” and “C’est pas le Njangsang” which have been well received.


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Cleo Grae’s opening verse on the official video of “Na So” was amazing. This has triggered many rap lovers to follow him. He is quite unique in his style of rap. His new name in the industry after the collabo with Tzy is already everywhere. After the “Na so” project, he has released adorable freestyles, songs and collabos. Cleo Grae’s latest song “VERO” has been highly welcomed and enjoyed by many. Thanks to Panchak for unveiling and inspiring these amazing vocals and talents to the world.

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tzy panchak 
, gasha,vivid smith and Cleo Grae

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Tzy Panchak later released another song “Tomorrow”. “Tomorrow” featured Gasha and his now two music partners Cleo Grae and Vivid Smith. Equally, Tzy Panchak once again with his “Na So” freestyle challenge winners have put out another soul-searching music. “Who Be Actor” is the recent release already making waves around the nation. This song is depicting the many plights of Cameroonians especially the current social unrest. This piece is also calling on peace to take the place of war.

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In October 2019, Tzy Panchak put up another freestyle challenge with his song “Put Your Hands on We” featuring Vivid Smith. The challenge aimed at uncovering another set of young and upcoming artistes. They needed to project their writing skills by writing their own verse of the song. They equally had to test their vocals by singing their verse on the beat of the song. This  project aimed at raising funds for IDPs from the North West and South West regions of Cameroon We know the fierce gun battles taking place has left thousands of people dead and hundreds displaced. Many displaced to other towns in Cameroon and neighboring countries like Nigeria living in adverse conditions and poverty.

Tzy panchak

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Tzy’s team indicated that proceeds from the song’s video will be disbursed to IDPs suffering from the crisis. As anticipated, many upcoming artistes participated in this contest. Some of those who tried the “Na So” challenge but weren’t selected still took part. Singer Okunol, Marnick and Recky Dasha won the challenge. The video with the selected verses has been released. It features Tzy Panchak and Vivid Smith original owners of the song. Again, the young talents featured are being applauded for their performances.

Looking at the love “Put Your Hands On We” song is receiving, it is clearly a hit. Definitely, the freestyle winners ‘careers will also benefit from this opportunity given to them by Tzy. While waiting to see these new revelations excel, we applaud Tzy Panchak. He has done more for the industry in just 4 years of his rise especially in the area of looking out for youngsters. He’s giving them his platform to showcase their talent and of course he is steadily producing hits. While others claim to be putting Cameroon on the map, Tzy Panchak is doing more at home. He is discovering and exposing young talents. Upcoming talents that will together with established artistes build a better and bigger music industry in Cameron. He is an obvious eye opener to his peers in the industry.


Tzy is an inspiration to those who think only of their growth than how to build a better industry. Will there be another challenge the singer will put up? This is the question many other upcoming artists are asking and praying for. Let’s wait and see!

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