Valentine’s day is almost here and as we all know, it is celebrated by people all around the world as Lover’s day. It is that time of the month when lovers reassure their significant others that their feelings are real and true.

Some celebrate more of their platonic friends and family on that day, letting them know they appreciate their presence in their lives. this is usually done by gifting them beautiful items either in cash or kind.

Those in romantic relationships celebrate the day by not only offering gifts; they go on dates either at a fancy restaurant, at home, or at a nice beautiful resort.

To make your Valentine’s day experience more special, memorable, and colorful, here are some Cameroonian songs you can use to make your significant other feel more loved on Valentine’s day, February 14th.

Blaise B – Le Goût De Ça
released in 2019, this soulful zouk song gives nothing but a sweet feeling to anyone who listens to it. This is one of the best love songs released by a Cameroonian artiste. This should definitely be on your Valentine’s day playlist.

Mr. Leo – E Go Betta
It is almost impossible to list soothing love songs from Cameroon without mentioning MR. Leo’s E Go Better. The Lyrics, Tune, GUiter, Piano, and every other instrument served their purpose. This is a must-have Valentines day song.

Tzy Panchak – Woman Crush
This is one of Tzy Panchak’s most powerful love songs which unfortunately doesn’t have a video. But trust us when we say the song didn’t need to have a video to captivate fans. Woman Crush has great powerful lyrics that will tell ur woman or crush exactly what you feel for them. short of words? Let this song speak for you this Valentine’s season.

Loic Sumfor ft Pecutie – DejaVu
This song has been one of the most loved songs in recent times. DejaVU was released by Loic Sumfor and Pecutie in 2022. If you want to reassure your significant other they are all you want and have eyes on, This is the song you should dedicate to them on Valentine’s day.

Sango Edi – Moukanjo.
There’s so much to say about this song. Where do we start? Is it the makossa feeling? The beautiful voice of the artiste? or the powerful lyrics of the song? There’s so much emotional energy in this track and we strongly believe your baby girl needs to listen to this on Valentine’s day.

Mondo Mubany – Feel Alright
A man who expresses his true emotions is cherished by many, and possessed by a few. How about you let your woman know how much you want to be with her. The feeling you get each time she is around and why you want to soend the rest of your life with her? Mondo Mubany wrote this song for you and yours to listen to on Valentine’s Day.

Blanche Bailly – Ton Pied Mon Pieds
It will be sad to hear you compiled a Valentine’s day playlist and failed t add Blanche Bailly’s Ton Pied Mon Pied. This is a perfect love song for that man who has stood by you through it all. You need to let them know you appreciate their presence and every other thing they do for you. This is the Valentine’s day song you’ve been looking for.

Asaba – Mon Bébé
There’s nothing more beautiful than reassurance. Everyone needs a lover who will tell them they’re with them till the end. This is exactly what Asaba tells her significant other in the song Mon Bebe. This song was released specifically for that man or woman in your life. Dedicate this to them on Valentine’s day.

Daphne – Jusqu’a La Gare
Daphne is one of those artistes who’s made sure lovers never lack a beautiful song to keep them in the mood on Valentine’s day. What is a Valentine’s day playlist without Daphne’s song ? How do you plan to tell your significant other they’re the one for you pour toujours??

Mimie ft Locko – Faya
From the costumes, To the video concept, t the lyrics, Faya is that song you should listen to over dinner. The vibe of this piece will keep a lasting smile on the face of you and your partner. If your partner gives you Faya, then this song should be part of your Valentine’s day playlist.

RinyuDreamy Eyes
Rinyu’s Dreamy Eyes is evergreen. It is new every morning and sounds better on Valentine’s day when your significant other is by you or on the phone. This is the one song that you can use to make your man blush. He needs to know how crazy you get when you see him. This will bring ut the sweetest part of him.

Mel B Akwen – Frappé
A table for 2, roses and a great bottle of wine for 2, and Mel B Akwen’s Frappé playing at the back will keep a lifetime memory in the mind of your significant other. A red or white outfit for the Lady and black/red suit for the gentleman will make the night even better.

These songs can be enjoyed by couples in close or long-distance relationships. You should endeavor to make them feel special on a day set aside for lovers.



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