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Top 10 most listened Cameroonian songs in 2020

Here are the Top 10 Most Listened Cameroonian songs in 2020

The Corona virus pandemic impact on the entire world did not spare any aspect of our society. Not only was the economy slowed, our daily activities and routines were greatly altered. The Cameroonian Entertainment industry, particularly the music industry did not do so great last year 2020 in Africa in terms of Awards and recognition compared to previous years.

Despite the lock down imposed on the world by COVID-19, some Cameroonian musicians were able to put out amazing projects in which we could take refuge.

10- Kameni “Nayo Nayo”

Though this Song was released on August 28th 2019, so many still kept vibing to it through out 2020. “Man no go die because family dey” By Lionn Production Queen Kameni still remains at the top of most Cameroonian music fans playlist.

9- Locko “Les mêmes mêmes choses”

After coming to the end of his journey with Big Dreams Entertainment, Locko who had reduced the frequency of his music releases since joining Universal Music Africa as usual did not disappoint his fans in his delivery on this track, many even had this song as their mobile ringtone or phone calls wait sound. It was well received by music consumers nation wide and beyond.

8- Blanche Bailly “Mes Respects”

Mama Jayden showed how versatile she can be musically as she gave us an epic performance on this rumba rhythm. This was the song through which Queen Mimba revealed her pregnancy. Released 10 Months ago, Mes Respect now totals 2.5M views on YouTube.

7- Stanley Enow “Tu Va Lire L’heur”

King Kong as usual on each of his releases was heavily criticized when this project was out. Many said lyrically the song was lacking, according to them he could have done better, hence the beat was wasted. Clearly many of these people have moved pass their critics and are now enjoying this piece from the sole Cameroonian Nominee at the MTV Africa Music Awards.

6- KO-C “Mon pala pala”

This was KO-C first release after saying goodbye to Big Dreams and Creating Power House Entertainment. ‘The President of Rapublic’ who was introduced to music lovers at the beginning of his career as a rapper have always expressed his desire not to be confined in a box musically, the self proclaimed fastest rapper in Cameroon demonstrated his singing prowess on this track which was well received and could be heard playing on every street corner, drinking spot or clubs all over the country.

5- Les médecins de médeline “le pied de yagami”

This music group took the Cameroonian public by storm both home and abroad with this trending genre dubbed Mbolé putting many at work with dance challenges. For those who were used to playing the famous “Street fighters” game, you might understand the title of the song better. Both the Audio and Video versions have accumulated close to 1M views on YouTube.

4- Les kankans boys “Tchapeu Tchapeu”

On this 4th position we have another Mbolé song, Note that two songs with the same title was released and both have been in competition with each other as the authors each claim they’re the creators of the ‘Tchapeu Tchapeu’ Movement. However the two songs have made waves, though one more than the other but even the least have been well received by music consumers compared to other great songs released in 2020.

3- Aveiro Djess “Le nyama”

Aveiro Djess is among the rare breed of artists in Cameroon who after leaving the record label which brought them to the spot light still went ahead to shine even brighter. He definitely proved that he made the right choice leaving War Machine. Mr Bagando who is now among the few Instagram verified Cameroonian artists registered 4.6M views on Youtube in the space of 1 month after dropping this project.

2- KO-C – “Caleçon”

Talking of a correct timing release, this song was like a national anthem in Cameroon especially during the end of year festive period. It could be heard banging in Snacks, Bars and Feasting spots. Not a suprise KO-C is appearing here twice, we can arguably call him “The hit Maker”. He featured Coco Argentee who brought in another special touch on this project. The song is currently at more than 5.7M views on YouTube in just 2 months.

1- Darina Victry “Laisse moi t’aimer”

Released in February 2020, This Song Continues to top YouTube chart in Cameroon as one of the most streamed Cameroonian music in 2020 with 24M views. Few are those who can’t sing this song from beginning to end. Every bride wants it sang in their wedding. It’s no surprise that this song’s music video went viral after the hype that surrounded the audio release. Great job Moustik Karismatik for fishing out this Amazing talent!

Bonus – Witty Minstrel “Be Proud Remix”

The original version of this song “Be Proud” released in June 2020 went viral, especially with the English speaking audience who responded very positively when the Audio of the song was released. Few months later the music video dropped but received a lot of critics from fans as it did not meet their expectations. Witty Minstrel promised to do a remix of the clip. A promise which he kept, the Remixed version was released a month ago featuring Mr Leo, Gasha, Magasco, Vernyuy Tina, Awu and Kameni.



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