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Top 10 Best Dressed Females At the premiere Of #SavingMbango

Top 10 Best Dressed Females At the premiere Of #SavingMbango

Its been more than a week since the premiere of Stephanie Tum‘s Saving Mbango and i am here to list my top ten best dressed females on the carpet.

This event which was hosted by Tito Valery and Joan Ngomba on the Red Carpet saw the presence of actors, musicians, media personalities and other important guests who slayed the red carpet powerfully.

The theme of this event was “Cameroon Traditional Splendor”, meaning the guests where expected to wear an outfit that represented any Culture or tribe in Cameroon.

There are lots of tribes in Cameroon like the Bamileke people of the west and Ngemba of the northwest, and Sawa of Douala.

These and more were fully represented at this prestigious event in all glamour and style.

Below are our list of best dressed females.

Actress Lucie Memba dressed by LaFéeLucie
Actress Nsang Dilong dressed by EB Kreations
Actress and TV Presenter Vicky Fokala
Media Personality Joan Ngomba dressed by Margo’s mode
Actress Nora Ndem by Lima T Jasino
Actress Onyama Laura aka Mbango dressed by Margo’s Mode
Actress and producer of the movie Saving Mbango Stephanie Tum dressed by Kolo Designz
Actress Solange Ojong dressed by NoniWhite Wears
TV Presenter Ruth Zerah dressed by TwistHouse Designs
Actress Malvis Ann dressed by JS Designs

And Our Bonus Pictures are…….

Fashion Designer Julliete Sparcs dressed by JS Designs
CEO Lucy Exotic Wears Harian Barbii dressed by JS Designs


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