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The Planters Plantation named Cameroon’s submission for 95th Academy Awards’ Best International Feature Film.

The Planters Plantation has already won the highly acclaimed Ecrans D’or, a price Awarded for the Best International Film and Best Overall Film at the Ecrans Noirs Film Festival, Central Africa’s largest cinema event.

The Eystein Young Dingha produced and directed film, The Planters Plantation has been chosen as Cameroon’s entry for Best International Feature Film for the 95th Academy Awards, matching up a number of firsts for this country’s Oscars race in that category.

The Cameroon film industry is aiming for the stars and for greatness. You can only be blind or absent minded to read this as an over statement. Given the number of world class movies produced in Cameroon lately, you would not deny the tremendous growth in Cameroon cinema. The Planters Plantation is one movie amongst many that validates this fact of greatness and growth for Cameroon cinema.

The Eystein Young Dingha produced and directed film in collaboration with Irene Nangi of Inn amore Pictures and Don Julio Bats of BGC Melody Story, was released to critical acclaim mid 2022 when it was projected in cinemas around Cameroon filling up the W Cinema and Eden Cinema.

The Planters Plantation already has major national and international recognition. During the Ecrans Noirs Film festival in Yaounde, the movie emerged victorious winning for the first time in 26 years an Ecrans D’or. A price Awarded for the Best International Film and Best Overall Film. It also backed the award for Best Cameroonian Film and Best Cameroonian Actress for Nimo Loveline.

The Planters Plantation’s greatest stride so far has been to be selected to represent Cameroon at the 95th Academy Awards (Oscars) for International Feature Film Category.

The Planters Plantation
The Planters Plantation

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) invited the film industries of various countries to submit their best film for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. The award is presented annually by the Academy to a feature-length motion picture produced outside the United States that contains primarily non-English dialogue.

Cameroon’s Oscar Selection Committee selected and put forward The Planters Plantation to represent Cameroon. The International Feature Film Award Committee then received and reviewed all the submitted films, engaging in their internal process of making sure the movie is artistically and technically apt for the category. The result of this review from The International Feature Film Award Committee was successful for The Planters Plantation as it has now been named Cameroon’s only submission for the 95th Academy Awards’ Best International Feature Film.

Following publishing of the submission lists, a 15-film shortlist will be announced on December 21, 2022, then finally, five nominees will be announced on January 24, 2023. The Oscar Awards i.e., the 95th Academy Awards which will be the biggest celebration night for the movie’s world will be held on 12 March 2023 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, USA.

The Planters Plantation Stars Seasoned Actors like Nkem Owoh, Stephanie Tum, Nimo Loveline, Syriette Che, Quinny Ijang, Vugah Samson, Irene Nangi, Brunhilda SK, Lovert Lambe, Mbeng Lilian and first timer music sensation Loic Sumfor.

We look forward to seeing its strides at The African International Film festival 2022 and more world strides in the world of cinema.

Below is the full cast and crew credits of The Planters Plantation.

Movie: The Planters Plantation

Starring:  Nimo Loveline, Loic Sumfor, Stephanie Tum, Nkem Owoh, Quinny Ijang, Irene Nangi, Syriette Che, Lina Ikechuju, Mbeng Lilian, Lovert Lambe, Alexander Powers, Takum Fred, Bruhilda SK,

Writer/Producer/Director: Eystein Young Jr

Cinematography: Lumiere Sembene / Nene Fembe

Colourist: Emmanuel Igbekele Odihiri

Companies: ExtraFix Media Limited in collaboration with Inn Amore Pictures and BGC Melody Story

Producer: Irene Nangi

Line Producer: Quinny Ijang

Associate Producer: Don Julio Bats

Gaffer: Claude Ndogmo

Continuity: Nubia Nahbila

Script Girl: Tantoh Vicky

Costumier: Asanga Calton

Wardrobe:  Akere Brandon

Costume Assistant: Ewanga Emmanuel

Production Manager: Banks Bantar

Production Designer: Nji Bertrand

Props/Sets:  Mbang Milton

Make Up: Chi Blanche

Hair Stylist: Sc Magic/ Afah Blessing

Props Handler: Chia Clive

Sound: Asogho Neba Constant

Boom Operator: Nelson

Sound Assistant: Chi Njoya

Art Director: Mbole Denis (Able D)

Assistant Director: Song Nestor

2nd Assistant Director: Beryl Claire Enjeck

Editor: Kini Wolfgang

VFX and Additional Sound Edit: Yonka Herbert

Online Edit: Joshua Tsotso

Sound Design: Andoh Priestly

Original Score: Godemma Studios, Ayeah Leonette, Zita Light, Loic Sumfor, Manuel DLM Mag Bila

Online Editor: Joshua Tsotso

Production Runners: Long G Andy / Syriette Che

Additional Screenplay: Quinny Ijang

BTS: Bambo Bradly for BK Photography

Project Supervisor: Gelam Dickson

Executive Producers

Eystein Young Dingha Jr

Don Julio Bats

Irene Nangi

Quinny Ijang

Nain Eunice Young 



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