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“The People’s Story” A Cameroonian Reality TV Series Coming soon.

THE PEOPLE’S STORY″ is a TV series that reveals the veritable ideals in a Cameroonian society and how the people live with it. It focuses on the travails of twin Cameroonian girls who are separated at birth, following their mother’s death. The babies are forcibly separated from each other because their parents are not permitted to be together owing to their different cultural backgrounds.

“The People’s Story” Cover

THE PEOPLE’S STORY″ highlights cultural diversity as a barrier to matrimony, which is true of Cameroon in the days of yore, and also a practice which is common in certain parts of the country in recent times.

In many villages across Cameroon, people are expected to marry or have relationships only with persons whom they share a similar cultural heritage with. Contravening this belief might lead to grave consequences – the evidence of this is the separation of the twin girls, whom under normal circumstances should bond in sisterly love.

Following the disunion of the twins, they are both adopted by two different families, with each of the children growing up not knowing the deep reality of their existence. They grow up in separate worlds, without knowing they are twins, or that they are not the biological children of their current families.

The story behind this TV series is a pure phenomenon in Cameroon, and it explores enthralling themes such as cultural influence, deceit, separation and family deprivation. ″THE PEOPLE’S STORY″ has eight episodes, shot in different cities across Cameroon, and has a blend of both English and French cast.

The TV series, ″THE PEOPLE’S STORY″ is the brainchild of a dynamic young lady named EWELI HELEN. She hails from the South West region of Cameroon, and is an indigenous Bakweri native from Bokwango in Buea Subdivision.

As a child she grew up in neighbouring Limbe, but is currently based in Douala. Eweli Helen has a deep passion for showbiz, which saw her participate as a model in the Miss Cameroon competition in 2010. Being a graduate with a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, the entertainment enthusiast decided to create her own company.

She founded a company called EWELI ENTERTAINMENT, with the TV series being her first ever project under the baby company. The response to her latest TV series project has been massive. Prince Sube who played the character Achu says the series is one of the best he has ever featured in as an actor. Valery Nchifor for his part believes the series is a good story to look out for, and expressed hope in the growth of the company EWELI ENTERTAINMENT.

Content Credit: Samgwa News & Dulafe Reflects.




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