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Teni in Cameroon | Partnership between Beto’o and PMUC | Press Conference Review

Teni in Cameroon, March 5th & 6th, 2021

Nigerian superstar artiste, Teni arrived in Cameroon on Friday 6th of March 2021 and was booked for a meeting with the Cameroon press by 5 pm the same day at the Best Western Hotel.

A press conference that was understood to be a question and answer session between the media and Nigerian artiste Teni turned out to actually be the officialization of a partnership between Mega betting company PMUC and the startup Beto’o.

The conference started at about 6:15, almost 90 minutes later than the actual start time. The representatives of Beto’o and PMUC made intro statements and explained the partnership and the various advantages.

Later, by 6:30 pm, Teni came into the hall and she was introduced to the hall.

The question and answer session then began with media personalities digging in on the partnership between Beto’o and PMUC and the innovations that will come with it. It was explained that the partnership between the two companies will get the startup benefit from the advantages from their “elder brother” while the PMUC will provide better services.

KESA Representative in the house, Mr. Fabz Chi had a question not related to the partnership, but directly to Teni. See the transcript of his question here below and the corresponding answer from Teni.

Fabz’ Question: “Teni, we know musicians are cultural actors and cultural ambassadors, but in recent times, there has been a great need for them to use their platforms and influence to impact the political milieu and help their followers and the population looking up to them. Recently we saw Nigerian entertainers join forces in the decentralized social movement, and series of mass protests against police brutality in Nigeria dubbed End Sars.

Coming to Cameroon, you may have heard about political instability, anglophone crisis, etc, I wish that you use your experience and exposure to these happenings and drop gentle advice to your colleagues in Cameroon, entertainers in general and the culture stakeholders. Do you think they should use their platforms and call for that change? Is it an obligation?”

Teni’s Reply: Every person with a big platform has an obligation to be the voice of the people, not only in music but in society-related issues. You need to speak up for the people so long as you believe in it. These people buy tickets for your shows/concerts, they buy your music. If they are hurt, if they are going through a situation, you owe it to them to be their voice and stand up to them to whoever is responsible.”

Another media outlet asked Teni about her plans to collaborate with any Cameroonian artists. Teni responded that she already collaborated with another Cameroonian artist recently. “His name, Sa-la, I can’t quite pronounce his name well. I love Locko and I will love to collaborate with him”. (For clarification purposes, Teni referred to Salatiel).

Another question popped up to Teni about her advice to women, given her presence in Cameroon was dubbed “Celebration of Women’s day”. Teni responded that no woman should feel pressure to be like another type of woman. She said size doesn’t matter, weight doesn’t matter. Every woman is special and you can achieve whatever you want to.

As explained above, the conference was more of a milieu for Beto’o and PMUC to explain their partnership to the media and not really about Teni and far from the fact that she could be a brand ambassador to any of the brands. The organization and moderation of comments directed towards the partnership and surely the goal was attained.

A gentle reminder that Beto’o as a betting company was launched in 2019 but haven’t been able to find their feet on the ground, despite more than 7 agencies in Douala and Yaounde, and more than 40,000 online betters.

Beto’o aims to get better, to touch the ground on the national territory via this partnership with PMUC. So football lovers who also love to bet will get to enjoy betting and the advantages that come with the partnership between these two companies.

Teni in Cameroon
Teni in Cameroon Conference

Watch Teni in Cameroon, Live on Nabstar Radio: https://youtu.be/NwvQyslDopQ. You can also follow Nabstar TV for full coverage of the show last night.

Teni in Cameroon continues today, as she will be performing tonight at Twist Night Club, Yaounde today Saturday 5th March 2021.

Best Regards,

Fabz Chi, for www.kesamagazine.com

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