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Tenacity Movie Premier | Review | Prospects | Availability

Tenacity “The movie” Premier held last night at Eden Cinema, Bessengue Douala and it was great. I wasn’t present but I followed a beautiful Red Carpet live stream on My Media Prime.

The costumes and designs were on a whole new level as I saw the actors of the movie bring out an old fashioned kinda style which made it even memorable.

The producer and director revealed that the cast of the movie was made up of more than 300 and they had a well-planned strategy to manage the human resources reason why the movie is a huge success today.

On the question of what next after the Douala premier, the team explained that; by the end of June, they will be in the United States for the African Film Festival where America will have the chance to watch the movie. Then, they will move to the UK where it will premier in different locations and also put in Cinemas.

They are currently in negotiations to have the movie on Amazon, Netflix and on some major airlines. It will take a while for it to be available on local channels in Cameroon but sure, channels like My Movie and others will project it when it’s ready.

I’m very happy that we now have platforms like BT Media Group who can bring us red carpet moments like we saw yesterday. The hosts were great and showed great mastery of their job. This is a huge step for the better and we must encourage this.

Worthy of note that the movie is available exclusively on Sango Tv for the next 48+ hours before it’s taken down. So those who want to watch, you can download Sango TV app to watch or visit their website; https://sangotv.com/en.



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