Tata Claude Nformi known professionally as TClaude is proof that it can take anyone with great content a day or barely a week to blow up/get famous on social media.

The tiktok star Tclaude who is part of the comedy group Extratwo237 made up of himself and Nibafu Hubert Mbih has gained 70.000 tiktok followers in less than 10 days after posting a video of himself as a USA returnee who is no longer familiar with African words.

Tclaude and bkpabtist of Extratwo237

In the video, TClaude is seen singing to Meiway’s famous song “Voila String” in a fake American accent. This video cracked alot of people including non cameroonians up which made it to instantly go viral!

The sound from Tclaude’s “SIAH” video has been recreated over 6000 times by Tiktokers all over the world including Cameroonian artiste Rinyu and Nigerian Comedian Aloma Isaac Junior aka Zic Saloma.

At the time TClaude posted the SIAH video on March 11th 2023, he had about 35-38.000 followers. The tiktok star celebrated 50.000 followers 2 days later.

Yesterday March 19th 2023, T Claude made a video thanking everyone for taking him to 103.700 followers.

In less than 9 days, tclaude has gained 70.000 followers from all around the world. In addition to this, the SIAH video now has 2.3 million views, 293.400 likes, 14000+ comments, 19.100 saves and 18.900 shares.

This goes a long way to proof that with authentic entertaining content, anyone can blow up on social media and eventually start earning from it.

Equally, Tata Claude is also an actor. He is part of the cast of Eystein Young Jnr’s soon to be released movie The Planters Plantation, which is set to hit cinemas in the months ahead.

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