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Stanley Enow’s “Hein Pere” Vs Jovi’s “Don 4 Kwat” – Which is the biggest Cameroonian song of the decade?

It’s almost the end of the decade and everywhere in every domain, arguments are made on who deserves to be crowned man or woman of the decade etc and in the music industry, we are looking to ask the tough question, “Which Cameroonian song deserves to be the biggest song of the decade”.

A lot of songs could be mentioned to have a healthy argument on this, from Jovi’s “Don 4 Kwat” to Stanley Enow’s “Hein Pere” to Mr. Leo’s “Jamais Jamais” to Daphne’s “Calle” to Franco’s “Coller la Petite” to Magasco’s “Wule Bang Bang” to Locko’s “Sawa Romance” to Salatiel’s “Anita” etc, just to name a few.

But for this article, we choose to go with Stanley Enow’s 2013 hit single “Hein Pere” and Jovi’s “Don 4 Kwat” which dropped in 2011. Both songs have enjoyed a great deal of exposure and attracted a lot of fans to both artistes. Stanley Enow and Jovi are among the biggest artistes in Cameroon at the moment.

Stanley Enow’s “Hein Pere” vs Jovi’s “Don 4 Kwat” – Which Is the Biggest Cameroonian Song of The Decade? And why do you think so?



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