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KESA Diaspora Spotlight: Vreezy Ville

Vreezy Ville aka Neville Sone is Versatile USA based Cameroonian Afro-Beats artist/rapper and entertainer currently signed to self-owned record label, Sankpata Music Group (SMG).

Vreezy Ville started his music career back in 2010 when he moved to the USA. He was part of now defunct USA based Cameroonian music group, “Cyclops” formed in 2010 made up of himself, Kayzeey and Gabby. Together, they released critically acclaimed song “Shake it” in January of 2012.

Vreezy Ville ft Kayzeey & Gabby – Shake It

Despite his commitment with the group, Vreezy joined USA based Cameroonian Entertainment group called Legacy House Inc. and released the song “Brighten ur night” feat Frank Kesi on the 14th of January 2013. However, things didn’t work out with him in that team as he announced his breakup with them on April 4th 2013. The breakup wasn’t a good one as the song “Brighten ur night” released under the label was later deleted from YouTube.

Still in April of 2013, Vreezy released his first solo single/video titled “Cameroon Azonto” which currently has 869 views on YouTube (Audio dropped September 5th 2012). “Cameroon Azonto” was off the album “C.Y.C.L.O.P” which he promised will drop around 2013/2014 but we don’t have any records of that till date.

Vreezy Ville ft Kimbo & Da Blu – Cameroon Azonto

Again alongside Frank Kesi, Vreezy released the classic video of the previously deleted song “Brighten Ur Night” in July 2013. Both videos still had the signature of Legacy that he had supposedly broken up with.

Vreezy Ville ft. Frank Kesi – Brighten ur Night

Vreezy then signed a mega contract with Franco Records in January 2014 which is more like the major highlight of his career. Vreezy described his signing with the label as a great experience and he was anxious to work with them.

Vreezy Ville signs with Franco Records

Barely 1 month after signing with the label, Vreezy released 3 singles including “Olopyto“, “Too blessed” and “Pon de Floor”. Vreezy Ville was confident that his style will erode and bring a new vibe to African pop industry. During an interview with Louiza of Louiza Magazine in Maryland, Mr. Franco, CEO of Franco Records introduced the “Olopyto dance” video and song to the media and inspiration behind the song.

Vreezy Ville & Franco interview at Louiza Magazine

In May 2015, Vreezy Ville released the video of “Jakiri”, a project that he invited fast rising artist at the time, Arrey, video directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens. “Jakiri” was a unique love tail and received much love from fans, currently at 16k views on YouTube.
Vreezy Ville ft Arrey – Jakiri (Official video)

Vreezy Ville’s highlight moment when signed to Franco records was his collaboration with Mr. Leo, one of the hottest Cameroonian Afropop artists at the moment. They both came together in the piece “All I Want” produced by Salatiel in March 2016. Currently at +100k views on YouTube, “All I want” directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens was about letting a woman know she is much appreciated and to express their true love for a woman.
Vreezy Ville ft Mr. Leo – All I want

In October of 2016, Vreezy Ville won the award for Best Male Performing artist at the Diaspora Entertainment awards DEA as he moved on to be a full time US Marine Soldier; 2nd position in a class of 30 other marines and awarded a certificate of excellence from the marine corps in honour of his performance.

Vreezy Ville award at DEA
Vreezy Ville – Marine Soldier

In December 2017, Vreezy Ville released the Revelation EP, one of the most anticipated EP projects ever dropped by a Cameroonian Diaspora artist. The EP containing 7 tracks was a classical musical production collaboration and engineering from CamerRudeboy and K Master K Mix of the popular Cameroon duo group Rhythms. All tracks written and composed by Vreezy Ville.  Backups by Detox, Kay Zeey, Manny Man, T. Nayah. Franco Records organized an EP release party on December 30th 2017 in Maryland. Click HERE to listen to the Revelation EP.

Vreezy Ville – Cover art of Revelation EP

After a 4 year working relationship, Vreezy Ville parted ways with Franco records in March 2018.  Under the label, he dropped projects like “Too Blessed”, “Pon Di floor”, “Olopyto”, “Jakiri” featuring Arrey, “All I want” featuring Mr. Leo, “Shakiti Dab” featuring Askia and an EP titled “Revelation”.

4 months after leaving Franco records, Vreezy Ville announced the creation of his record label, Sankpata Music Group with main objective to nurture and foster the talents of young Cameroonian youths and give them a platform to explore their dreams.

Vreezy Ville Record label – Sankpata Music Group official logo

The first signed artist of the label, Vreezy Ville himself immediately dropped two singles still in July 2018 titled “Sankpata” and “Banku“, both having 259 and 915 views currently on YouTube.

Vreezy Ville – Sankpata (Official Audio)

Vreezy Ville – Banku (Official Audio)

Vreezy Ville recently jumped on a solid Hip-hop song originally produced & done by the Cameroon Hip-Hop legend himself JOVI aka MbokoGod in a song titled “Jengu Remix” [Letter to Jovi]. He is set to release his debut album later on this year titled “KING OF DIASPORA“.

Vreezy Ville – Jengu Remix [Letter to Jovi]

He has a whole directory of content on his name since starting music more than 9 years ago. Like every musician, he has had his down times as well as the up times. He keeps pushing, he keeps the confidence and proves that he needs our support. Check out links below for more content about this versatile artist.

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Nexdim Empire Exclusive interview with Cyclops

Vreezy Ville parts ways with Franco Records!

Cameroonian artiste; Vreezy Ville, launches record label called; Sankpata Music Group!

Vreezy Ville relaunches his career with two new singles; Sankpata and Banku.

[Music] Vreezy Ville – Jengu Remix [Letter to Jovi] (Download Audio & Video)



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