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Pam Happi kicks off Season 5 of the Miss P Show.

Season 5 of The Miss P Show kicked off yesterday 13th of April 2019 on various media organs across Cameroon and Africa including HiTV, Canal2 International, STV, CNTV, and Vox Africa.

This 5th season of the show is sponsored by Orange Cameroon and is packed with educative and fun activities featuring amazing and talented lifestyle, Entrepreneurial and entertainment influencers like William Elong, Roland N. Fomundam, Christian Ngan, Carine Yatou, Akon, Maahlox, Desmond Eliot, Helen Paul, Clarisse Ndinge and many others.

Miss P says our Environment has for many years had little or nothing to offer the youths and development has been known to be a luxury. She adds that these influencers who fight hard despite the challenges in the economy to push through their skills and talents serve as an inspiration, motivation and they are the future.

This season of the show is aimed at celebrating all and focuses on building what could be the most unexpected, yet amazing future for everyone.

Watch the teaser of Season 5 of the Miss P Show shot by William Nsai Studios below;

Teaser of Season 5 of The Miss P Show

Connect with Miss P on Social Media:
Facebook: The Miss P Show
Instagram: @missphappi / @themisspshow
Email: arcadiacameroon@gmail.com



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