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A Quick Review of Mic Monsta – WISH Ft Mihney (Official Video)

I just watched Mic Monsta – WISH Ft Mihney (Official Video)

Amazing visuals from Dr. Nkeng Stephens, great coloring, great story line, great costume, great acting from Mic and Mihney.

However, I feel like I was watching the video of a completely different song compared to the audio. I didn’t feel any “Wish” in any part of the video or the story line.

It will be interesting to know what people who understand the story line can tell me(us). Or maybe we can request a story line explanation from the director and how he linked the script to the actual audio of the song.

Again, somebody has taken out time to write a great script, but not well utilized, or not linked up with a song’s concept. This is very recurrent in the music sector in Cameroon. What is wrong? Or what is wrong with me?

I want to apologize for coming out controversial again, but like I said, it will be interesting to get an understanding of the actual audio and video linkup via the story line.

Mic Monsta – WISH Ft Mihney (Official Video)
Directed by: Dr Nkeng Stephens
Produced by: Sango Edi
Backup vocals by: Dready Christ



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