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Blaise B’s “Le Goût De Ça” release party review and Photos!!!

J&R Concepts Cameroon and Alpha Better Records managed to bring together representative of every domain of showbiz for Blaise B’s cocktail release party last night. The event was star studded as several artists both established and upcoming turned up to support their fellow colleague, members of the traditional and social media were also present in their numbers as well as the fans who will find it hard to forget that night easily.

The show started a bit later than planned, as it was midweek and sure many had to leave work before turning up. When it eventually started, several artists opened the stage in preparation for the man of the night. We saw performances from Sikoko, Wan Shey, Thee 808 Nation, Joel P, Stephan Akam, Fhish, Makon, Shura, Mr. Leo and Salatiel.

The crowd was thrilled to full house Entertainment by these artists and worth mentioning the Adrenaline popping through Mr. Leo’s performance and the professionalism of the band through the night who played the new song Live as Blaise B performed.

One of the major highlights of the night was the show up of Salatiel, CEO of ABR. He posted early yesterday that he is battling through illness at the hospital but he will do his best to show up for his fans.

His performance lasted just over 5 minutes but it was awesome performance and at one point very touching when he showed his hand with an Intravenous Drop Hand plaster explaining that the needle was taken out just for him to rush and perform and return back which he did after his performance.

Another highlight was the solidarity among the artists who showed up to support Blaise B. I mentioned Mr. Leo who was very active, from the moment he climbed on stage till the end of the event. At one moment, all the artists present on the night mounted the stage, Wax Dey, Wazih, Pascal, Crispy, Fon Tete and all present, together, they danced to Fhish‘s unreleased song “Anti Kirikou” to close the night.

The major downside of the event was that the arena was so full, almost every artist present on the night who wasn’t on the flyer as a performing act wanted to perform and so they put the organizers through confusing moments leading to misunderstandings.

Also, the main star of the night, Mr. Blaise only came at the end of the show when it was time for him to perform, kinda making it feel like a concert or show whereas we were gathered for a release party. The release party normally should see the artist of the night have an interactive session with almost every person present, he should be able to move around and thank all for coming, explain the inspiration behind the song, producer, if it’s a video, who directed it etc.

However, the above shortcomings would be visible only to some of us that look at things very critiq’ually. The event was a nice one and the major highlights above prove it right. Similar and subsequent events can try to do better following the shortcomings.

Blaise B’s new song #LeGoûtDeÇa drops very soon. Team KESA will have it available for download. Find attached below more photos from event.



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