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Rescue Women Cameroon (REWOCAM) launch Registration for ‘Girls Against Rape (GAR) Club set for August 2021

Register to take part in REWOCAM’s ‘Girls Against Rape (GAR) Club come August 2021.

Rape has become a phenomenon in our society today as we record a growing number of rape cases on daily basis. The female gender is very much exposed to this pandemic and there’s a need for massive sensitization on the dangers of rape in our society and possible ways of handling rape cases when they occur.

It is in this light that Rescue Women Cameroon (REWOCAM), a women’s led/centered organization charged with the mission to help women succeed through holistic education and socio-economic empowerment programs has made it an objective to sensitize the girl child on the dangers of rape, show them referral pathways when faced with the situation of rape, and ensure that victims get the justice they deserve.

REWOCAM is a non-governmental organization based in Kang Barombi Kumba. Among their objectives is to see a Cameroon where women and girls get to attain their full potentials educationally, economically, socially, psychologically, and politically.

REWOCAM Cameroon has held several campaigns against rape in their community, amongst which are;

Last year, in September 2020, REWOCAM organized The Girls Against Rape (GAR) Club campaign at the Amusement park Kumba where they trained 50 girls between the ages of 5-15 years old on issues surrounding rape and the need to be Advocates against rape in their various communities. This campaign continued once every Month for a period of 6months where REWOCAM graduated the first badge of ‘Advocate’ in the month of February 2021.

REWOCAM Girls Against Rape

The most recent campaign was organized in February 2021 in partnership with The Global Pearl Inc titled Survivor Voices Against Rape (SUVAR 2021) conference where 30 rape survivors all around Cameroon came together to impact their communities by telling the stories and strategies on how to fight rape in their various communities.


REWOCAM divided the participants into four groups and called on them to write projects on how they would fight rape in their communities. Three of this groups were sponsored to carryout advocacy missions to fight rape in their respective communities. Team Kumba, Team Buea/Limbe & Team REWOCAM all took home 500,000frs each (approx. $1000 each).

REWOCAM is planning to organize a continuation of The Girls Against Rape (GAR) Club campaign from September 2020 to take place in Kumba this coming August 2021.

REWOCAM wishes that Cameroonians and most especially the population of Kumba understand that rape is a pandemic that if enough awareness is not raised upon, will almost become a lifestyle. They have opened a call for application for girl children between the ages of 5-15years old to register in their office at Barombi Kang for their upcoming campaign against rape which is to take place in Kumba. They encourage parents to send in their girl children to register and get necessary sensitization on the dangers of rape and referral pathways when faced with situations of rape. Also, perpetrators can be given the punishment they deserve.

REWOCAM doors are open to register your children so that they can be part of the ‘Girls Against Rape (GAR) Club come August 2021. To register, contact REWOCAM via the number 654848908, Email:info@rescuewomencameroon.org or visit their offices beside the Agric Workers Credit Union Barombi Kang.

If you want to know why REWOCAM is committed to fighting rape and GBV in her community — here is why. Watch the video here:https://youtu.be/tBbs-IjFYd0

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