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Remarkable updates from Dj Arafat’s family

It is already one month after the Coupe Decalé hit maker Ange Didier Houon Popularly known as Dj Arafat or Daishi died from a tragic motocycle accident.

Carmen Sama the inconsolable wife of Daishi and mother of his last daughter Rafna has clearly been in intense grieve. She made a media presence exactly one month after her husband’s accident posting screenshots of their last Whatsapp conversation.

The grief-stricken widow used these words to wish Daishi a farewell.

“Déjà un mois que tu es parti, jusqu’à présent j’ai toujours l’espoir que tu vienne me réveillé avec le bruit de ta moto suivie d’un câlin à Ta fille et à moi comme tout les matin, je savait que tu n’allais pas bien et tout le monde l’a senti ,tu m’a dit bébé j’ai besoin d’être seul un moment stp je veux pas être dérangé , je t’es fait ton plat préféré ,et t’es sorti de la maison à 17h, tu savait à quel point j’étais une tête de mule et que j’allais quand même te dérangé, mais je savait pas que tu me disait au revoir dans ton dernier mgs , tu as laissé les personnes que tu aimais le plus au monde ,et tout les préparatifs du mariage ?finalement j’épouse qui dans environ 4mois? Et Rafna ?, et tes chinois? Tu as pensé ?nous Avons toujours été 3 contre le monde que vais-je devenir sans toi, tu ma brisé le cœur, je n’arrive tjr pas a expliqué ce que je ressens tellement abattu, là seul chose qui me réconforte c’est la certitude de l’immense amour que tu avait à mon égard,à mes côté tu étais comme un enfant, je t’es aimé dès le début et je continue de le faire , je te serais infiniment reconnaissante parce que tu m’a laissé une partie de toi, je me battrais pour notre fille ,tu sait ce qui t’a poussé à m’appeler ta lionne je te promet je te ferais honneur mon lion jamais je t’oublierais mon mari, ma seul prière est que le bon Dieu t’accorde un repos éternel, je t’aime bébé @djarafat ❤️ “

“Already a month since you left, until now I still hope that you come woke me up with the sound of your bike followed by a hug to your daughter and me like every morning, I knew that you did not feel well and everyone felt it, you told me baby I need to be alone for a moment, I do not want to be disturbed, I made you your favorite dish, and you got out of the house at 5pm, you knew how bad I was a mule head and I was still going to get bothered, but I did not know you were saying goodbye in your last mg, you left the people that you love the most in the world, and all the preparations for the wedding? finally I marry who in about 4months? And Rafna?, and your Chinese? you thought? we have always been 3 against the world what will i become without you, you broke my heart, I can not always explain what I feel so downcast, there is only one thing that comforts me. is the certainty of the immense love you had towards me, to my side you were like a child, I loved you from the beginning and I continue to do it, I would be infinitely grateful to you because you have me left a part of you, I would fight for our daughter, you know what pushed you to call me your lioness I promise you I’ll do you honor my lion I’ll never forget you my husband, my only prayer is that the good God grant you eternal rest, I love you baby @djarafat ❤️ “

Carmen also made a remarkable move by attending the concert of Coupe Decalè first lady Claire Bahi a close friend to her husband which was earlier postponed for the burial of Daishi. See the surprise she pulled below in abit to keep her late husband’s promise of attending.

Tina Glamour Spencer veteran Ivorian singer and mother of Dj Arafat has reportly cleared the air by refuting the rumour that circulated over social media that Samuel Eto’o had supported the bereaved family with 42million. Watch and listen to Maman Tina below.

Also the Daishi’s mother can be seen in the video below saying she is preparing to take over from her son and will start by dissolving Yorogang. There is also rumour that she is asking for her late son’s phone and computer which according to her has been missing since his death.

We continue to wish RIP to the fallen and consolation to the bereaved.




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