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Prix Pierre Castel 2019 – Call for Applications

The Pierre Castel Fund calls for applications for the 2nd edition of the “Prix Pierre Castel“.

The Prix Pierre Castel is an initiative setup by the Pierre Castel Bordeaux/Africa to support projects initiated by young African Entrepreneurs, in the fields of Agriculture and Agribusiness, two sectors with high added value and factors of creation of wealth and poverty reduction in Africa.

Under the chairmanship of the SABC Group in Cameroon, the Pierre Castel Fund works in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, CCIMA to award the “Pierre Castel Prize“.

The 2018 edition which had 40 projects in competition saw 29 year old Kouatcha Flavien emerge as winner thanks to his startup “Save our agriculture” specializing in aquaponics. He was sponsored by Mr. André SIAKA and received the sum of CFA 10 Million during an award ceremony at the Chamber of Commerce in Bordeaux, France in the presence of Mr. Pierre Castel, President of the Endowment Fund.

This second edition again will be overseen by a Franco-African jury and the winner will receive CFA 10 Million accompanied by technical support from a sponsor.

Eligibility criteria

Applications must meet the following condition

Sectors of activity are concerned;

  • Agriculture
  • Agro alimentary
  • Agritech
  • Agro resources

The project must have a social, economic and environmental impact measurable in its territory and with people in precarious situations together with creation of jobs and sustainable income.

The project holder(s) must be of Cameroonian nationality aged 18 – 45 years old included. Special attention will be paid to their experience, path, motivations and their ability to bounce back, innovate and to be an inspiration to others.

Application form

  • The application files are presented following below format:
  • Business plan in 5 parts: Presentation of the bearer (s) of the activity / project: motivation, course, experience, references, training, contact;
  • Presentation of the organization or company: date of creation, legal form, governance, number of employees, team profiles, partners;
  • Description of the activity/project: supply, context, environment, market, customers, marketing, transformation, innovation, distribution, marketing.
  • Development prospects: projects, job creation, income,
  • Beneficiaries / users / sectors / clients, partnerships;
  • Financial information: the 2019 and 2020 budget or income statement.

Submission of applications / Selection

Applications must be sent from 2 April and 17th May 2019 as a PDF file to:,,,

The Selection committee will meet 7 days after the closing of the nominations to choose the 10 projects that will be submitted to the evaluation of the Jury.

Choice of Winner

CCIMA represented by Olivier Dimala; Mazars Cameroon, represented by Mr. Jules-Alain Njall Bikok, Partner and Jury Member; SABC Group, represented by Mrs. Hélène Kenmegne and Mrs. Rebecca Mfondja; will all meet at CCIMA to pre-select the 10 (ten) projects to be submitted for evaluation by the Cameroon Jury.

The Cameroon Jury will interview the candidates in accordance with the purpose of the Fund, which have all been previously defined.

At the end of the interview, two projects will be selected and their files sent to the Bordeaux Jury.

Under the chairmanship of Mr. Pierre Castel, the Bordeaux jury meets and decides on the choice of the laureate on the basis of the established criteria.

The award ceremony will take place in France on the week of the 22nd of November 2019 in the presence of Mr. Pierre Castel, President of the Pierre Castel Fund and all transportation and accommodation of candidates will be handled by the Pierre Castel Fund.



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