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Possible Cold war between Fhish and his label Manjong Music.

Cameroonian artist, Fhish and his record label, Manjong Music could be in the middle of a crisis situation as we spotted a couple of irregularities recently after the release of his hit single “Anti Kirikou“.

Anti Kirikou” could easily be described as the hottest song pre-released this year in Cameroon even without an official release as Fhish and his label used Whatsapp and Facebook to distribute the song which was widely enjoyed and put fans on high alert awaiting the official release.

Unfortunately, we sense a cold war between both parties in the build up to the audio and video release through the past week. We’ll highlight our reasons here below;

The audio which dropped on Friday 12th July was released on the YouTube channel of the label “Manjong Music“. This channel is host to Fhish‘s other songs like “Coup de Poing” and his first video “Bonbon Sifflet“.

Screenshot: Manjong Music YouTube Channel

Now, the video which dropped at around midnight breaking Monday 15th July was released on a different YouTube channel called “Fhish Official” which is empty with no songs previously released on it.

Screenshot: Fhish’s YouTube Channel

The interesting thing here is that in the description of the video, it is written “Copyright (C) Mbonjem Lesly Aponglen“, meaning the artist claims ownership of the copyright of the song, something strange for an artist signed to a record label. Record labels usually claim ownership of song copyrights for every artist signed under them.

Screenshot: YouTube Video description of Fhish – Anti Kirikou (Official Video)

Also, the release party of the video scheduled to take place on Thursday 18th July at H Club Snack Bar Douala looks to be organized by 3rd party organizers and not really the label though their logo is pasted somewhere small at the bottom of the flyer.

Anti Kirikou Video drop party official flyer.

The label has been dormant on their social media accounts for a while, but they haven’t shared this flyer or communicated with the music community like they did for the listening party of “Coup De Poing” which was custom organized in Akwa Douala.

Fhish’s “Coup de Poing” listening party flyer (2018)

The above may not be official but we all can see and understand that there could be a cold war between both parties, and they seem to be mature enough to keep it out of the media, maybe for now. What we know for sure is that Fhish at this early stage of his career could be influenced by friends and close partners into making strategic decisions as we’ve seen with other artists in the industry. This may not be the case here, but it is close. We will bring you updates on this if anything comes up.

[Video Premiere] Fhish – Anti Kirikou (Download video)



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