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Meet PASCAL SIAKAM aka “Spicy P” the Cameroonian 2020 NBA All-Star Starter

Pascal Siakam is one of very few Cameroonians in the National Basketball Association NBA playing for the Toronto Raptors, a Canadian professional basketball team based in Toronto, Canada

Pascal Siakam was born on April 2nd, 1994 in Douala, Cameroon to Tchamo Siakam, former mayor for Makenene and Victorie Siakam. Pascal is a professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Pascal is the youngest of four brothers who are equally ballers.

By 2013, Pascal Siakam who is now one of world best power forwards, and a crucial rotation piece on the Eastern conference best team NBA Toronto Raptors did not want to play basketball as he was on the journey to priesthood just like his father wanted. At 11 he was enrolled to St. Andrews seminary in Bafia to become a catholic priest but “Spicy P’ later changed his mind at age 15. Not because he was beginning to like girls LOL but because he found out he loved basketball plus his height was evidence he had an added advantage to become a great baller, which he is right now.

Pascal Siakam – The Journey to Super Stardom

The 25-year-old was selected by Toronto Raptors with the 27th overall pick in the first round of the 2016 NBA draft. He made his debut playing for the Raptors on October 2, 2016 and first rookie to start the Raptors season-opener. His performance on the court had the raptors beat Detroit Pistons. As a rookie (a member of a sports team in their first full season) Spicy P signed a four year $6million deal and earned about $4million over his first three sessions. From 2019-2020 he earned a base salary of 2,351,839 before his contract extension. Now people our Cameroonian brother Spicy P and Toronto Raptors have agreed on a four year $130million maximum contract extension. For someone who didn’t want to play basketball that’s a story.

Pascal Siakam – Sadness turns to Glories

After the passing of his dad due to a fatal car accident back at home in Cameroon in 2014, Pascal was devastated and worst when he couldn’t make it for the funeral. He however decided to do it for his father as he one time said, “From that day on, my purpose in the game, the way I play the game changed forever”. Pascal actually put words to action as he has had many glories at Raptor; from NBA West Athletic Conference player of the year in 2016 to winning the NBA championship in 2019 while in same year winning equally the league’s Most Improved Player of the year (MIP) award, the first player to win both during the same season. He is now named an NBA All-Star, and will represent his team Toronto Raptors and of course motherland for the NBA All-Star games, on Sunday February 16, 2020.

Pascal Siakam – “Spicy P” the Brand

Pascal sure makes good use of his “black card”. He owns a world-famous clothing line with his nickname “Spicy P” representing his brand name and logo, just like the legend Kobe Bryant of blessed memory who named his basketball academy, his retirement legacy “Mamba Academy” after his nickname “Black Mamba”. His merchandise for now is often used by him, his coach and teammates. He equally carries out charitable duties especially when he visits motherland.

Pascal owns a Maranelo BMW one of the most expensive SUV in the world. One other important thing to note is “Spicy P” is SINGLE, and we sure he is ready to mingle.

Do you think he will marry a Cameroonian Lady? He just might be like one of the worlds football retired immortals Cameroon’s Samuel Eto’o whom he looks up to, who married an Ivorian lady allegedly because Cameroonian girls don’t watch football. Do they watch basketball? We just might lose this other man to another country. Cameroonian girl please love sports haha.

Pascal is an inspiration to many youths around the world especially as he proved you can use a sad experience in life to build the strong and successful you. His father’s death didn’t slow him down but built the greatness in him. At only 25 he sure is perfect definition of Young and Getting it. Keep working on your craft, try new things, believe in your abilities, trust the process which sometimes isn’t rosy and be like “Spicy P”.




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