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Otang accuses Ko-C of Marginalization in the “rap Game”.

 For about two weeks, Cameroonian rappers have been dropping Bars back to back dubbed the “Bang” series,  informing the world, especially Nigerian Rapper MI that Cameroon has got great Rappers. 

 Cameroonian rapper Ko-C recently dropped a “not” diss track titled “Best Rappers in Africa” wherein he mentioned rappers such as Young Holiday, Jovi, Maahlox, Cripsy,  Sojip, Kikoh and some other male rappers as the best Cameroon has and can challenge any rapper in Africa.  

In a post made today on Facebook,  the youngest female rapper in Cameroon at the moment Otang expressed grievances, saying she was unhappy with the fact that Ko-C didn’t mention any females. “I was disappointed to hear him mention more than 10 Cameroonian rappers in the wake up call to MI,  without including any female rapper in the list” 

See Screenshot below ?  

She made Mention of a female Rapper like Askia,  saying she is worthy of being on the list as her recent “Bag” series which has brought together many Cameroonian female artists aimed at building and creating a stronger bond, unity among them is doing so well and already at the 8th episode.

The reactions from fans and the public following this post have been mixed,  with a portion in support of her Complain and others against.  

What do you think about this? Is Otang‘s complain Valid? Tell us in the comments section.  #KESAmag

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