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Oboy Da Comic talks on Role Models Vs Top Models in the Cameroon context

Cameroonian stand-up comedian, actor, musician, Ferdinal Forka AKA Oboy Da Comic is currently on a media tour dubbed “Wash Ton Ton” where he is visiting radio and Tv stations around the national territory under the theme, “LET’S TALK COMEDY: Feedback, Stakes and The BIGGER Picture”.

Last Monday 2nd September 2019, he started the tour in Douala with the Cockcrow show on My Media Prime with Faith Tata. During their talk, he had to answer the question, “who is your role model and why”?

In response, Oboy explained that everybody goes to school to study and become somebody in the future, but there is always that tendency to look up to somebody that you want to emulate and become another version of that person. To him, that person should be a role model.

Relating it to the Cameroon context and present society, he said many role models are becoming top models as he thinks it is now more of a showoff. Watch video of his explanation below;

Oboy is presently in Yaounde as he continues the media tour that will conclude on Friday 6th September with the program Feel at Home on canal 2 English.

It’s always good to see our entertainers engage into projects that make them stay relevant on the media and in the eyes of their fans. This media tour is one of those projects and we wish that Oboy and team attain their desired objectives.

Watch his latest outdoor performance on the STANDOUT COMEDY Show below and subscribe to his channel and be the first to watch all his latest skits.



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