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Nominations Open for 2019 Cameroon Heroes Gaicam Impact Awards #CHA2019

Do you know anyone or any institution that deserves to be celebrated? If you do, then the Cameroon heroes award is here to give you an opportunity to celebrate these extraordinary people and institutions for their great works in the community and in Cameroon at large.

The Cameroon heroes award is an annual impact award ceremony spear headed by Go Africa initiative and partners .The Cameroon Heroes Award celebrates, rewards and shares the untold stories of extraordinary people, institutions, organizations, associations, public institutions in our communities who have contributed immensely to the growth of our communities.

The award ceremony also serves as a viable mechanism to promote sustainable growth in workplaces by giving an opportunity to several structures to reward their hard-working team members. You can register your structure for this exclusive opportunity or nominate someone on the Cameroon heroes website

The various categories available for nomination can be found on their website and flyers attached below.

Gaicam Impact Awards: Entity Award Categories
Gaicam Impact Awards: Individual Award Categories

Selection Criteria

  1. All nominations must be justified with relevant information which the Independent Assessment Council (IAC) will commence their analysis.
  2. All awardees must have a traceable record of impact in their communities or the nation.
  3. The awardees selection is NOT based on their POPULARITY, but rather on their impact in the society.
  4. There shall be no voting to determine the Cameroon Heroes; an Independent Assessment Council (IAC), composed of highly reputable individuals in Cameroon shall be commissioned to assess and select the winners of the 2019 Cameroon Heroes Award.
  5. All information provided in the nomination form will be used by the Council for screening of the nominees.
  6. Incomplete nomination form will be considered ineligible for further assessment.

Click HERE to Nominate your HERO; Or click on the link below to visit the Cameroon Heroes Website


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