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Negativity in the Music industry stems from the “Secret” Relationship between Artists and Show Promoters.

The relationship and communication between artists and show promoters is usually secret especially when things are going well.

They make arrangements that the artist should only come to the show at 1am in the night when they have successfully recovered their investment, even though the show was slated to start by 9am.

They decide and agree that the artist will only perform for 30minutes or 1 hour whereas the event’s organizer will put on the flyer or communicate with the public that the artist/s will be with the fans all night.

The fee demanded by the artist or the mode and schedule of payment is never known until things start falling apart. If the balance due to the artist is not paid in time, we will hear about it then.

They end up fighting behind closed doors leaving echoes about who is to collect money from “Farotage” et al.

This is one of the roots of negativity in the Cameroon music Industry. They consume everything positive and bring us the negative vibes to engage upon and later sit back and call us “Negative”.

Show promoters and artists who threaten each other about law cases, police, state counsel et al, if you want to use Facebook or Social media as the primary court, be ready to bring us all the information of your activities and transactions as it happens. Don’t hide off all the happy moments and think about us only when things are going sour.



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