Mya Jesus and her 59 year old husband divorce.


Remember Mya Jesus and her superbly beautiful relationship goals pictures?

UNCONFIRMED REPORTS state that 24 years old Angolan Socialite based in Ghana and her 59 years old Mozambican Husband Papito JM Julio have divorced.

Mya Jesus and her 59year old husband met sometime in November and 2 weeks later he proposed to her and got a big yes.

Mya Jesus later revealed that they got married in a private ceremony that was attended by very close family and friends.

Mya Jesus and 59 year old husband

The Socialite and her boo shared photos of each-other on all their social media platforms, feeding the eyes of social media in-laws who were so inlove with their union.

Mya and her husband gave people who were of the opinion that their union was not going to work out due to their age difference something to talk about with all their romantic social media outings.

Barely 3 months after their secret wedding, it is alleged that the union between Mya Jesus and her boo has hit rock bottom.

Mya has deleted all photos of her rich husband from her social media accounts and they have both unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Checkout more photos of the 24year old below.


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