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Event’s Backdrops should serve a particular purpose. Most Cameroonian event’s organizers are misusing them.

We need to talk about Backdrops at events. Not to duel on anybody in particular, I will try to generalize the article to include all or most event’s organizers given it’s an aspect we hardly talk about, or we pay less attention to.

To whom it may concern.

Just like in photography, backdrops plays a vital role in events, as they could give a first view understanding of what your event is about and can even tell someone if your event is a great one or a disappointing one.

Normally, we should use backdrops to pass across the message and theme of the event, or create recognition for a brand or product.

I think Cameroonian event’s organizers are misusing the meaning and use of backdrops by including every jack and Jill logo on it, either because they want to lobby for support, or have received some little support or the general reason which is to tell the audience that these brands were part of project whereas most have no idea of how the event will be run or won’t even attend or rep at the event.

When accepting that your logo should be on the backdrop of an event, try to ask a few details about the event, know how the program will run. I think you just need to be aware of a few details like this because unlike what we think, support is not only financially, but also a simple advice can see an event succeed big time.

Remember the important aspect of backdrops is that it serves as a flexible branding tool with a great impact on an event.If an event fails, every logo or brand on that backdrop has failed. If it succeeds, every logo or brand on the backdrop has succeeded and the audience will return home with a positive lasting impression.




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