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Midem African Music Forum for the first time in Cameroon this April 12th.

After the success of the Midem African Forum 2018, touring the cities of Johannesburg, Lagos, Abidjan, and Brazzaville, the Midem returns to Africa for the second edition of the program that showcases the African continent and its extraordinary musical potential.

Launched in 2018 as part of the High-Potential Markets Program, Midem’s ambition is to assist with the development and internationalization of the African music markets given that despite their incredible influence over lots of music styles all over the world, African countries only represent 2% of the world music market.

Star Land Hotel, Douala will host the MIDEM AFRICA FORUM Cameroon edition tomorrow April 12th and will consist of a conference and workshop attended by many industry professionals representing labels, streaming platforms, publishers, artists, politicians, media, and institutions. The objective is to support the structuring and internationalization of the African music industry, encouraging business development and new talent discovery.

The program will include;

Key Note (10:00 Star Land Hotel Douala).

The panelists: Ben Decca and Roger Samnig

Session 1 (10:30 AM at Star Land Hotel Douala): The Situation of the African Music Industry – Challenges and Opportunities

Panelists: Didier Toko, Krotal, Eva Ndumbe, Chinese Yangeu.

Moderator: Jessie Nda

Session 2 (14h00 at Star Land Hotel Douala): Music distribution and artist mobility to reach an international audience

Panelists: Tony Mefe, Anicet Nemani, Davy Lessouga, Fan Sam Thomas, Kareyce Fotso.

Moderator: Christine MBengono



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