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Mic Monsta unsuccessfully portrays luxurious lifesyle.

“Change your Style” music Video by Mic Monsta ft Dready Christ which dropped last November 2018 received so much love and support from music fans and supporters around Cameroon and the world.

However, after recently watching the video critically, I quickly spotted something unusual that needs the attention of everybody involved in the project including Coastal Records, Nkeng Stephens, Mic Monsta, Dready Christ and others.

I don’t think the “Pure Heaven Sparkline Red Grape Drink” should be used on a project like this which was out to portrays a “Chop life“, “Enjoying money with girls”, “Showing expensive jewellery“, Drugs kinda lifestyle.

Unlike what we normally think, we don’t hide brand names of drinks and other stuff from movies and videos just because we want to avoid advertising them. Also, you hide them off following the concept of the project. If the concept shows that you should show off a Champagne, fine and good, you can show off a bottle of Champagne without showing the brand and nobody will question the quality or quantity.

But if you are shooting a video or involved in a project aimed at sending a message about a lavish and luxurious lifestyle and you can’t afford a luxurious Champagne bottle, rather wipe off the brand name from the bottle than to use a bottle of Pure Heavens which sells at about 2000frs or na 1800 sef.

Please, let’s not ignore and/or neglect such “Little” stuff in our projects that sell us to the world. If we spend much on a project like this, we should be spending and hoping that everything is taken care of concerning the concept.

Change your style is one of my best collabos from last year 2018 and the video is always part of my Video Playlist at home. Watch and download it by clicking on the link below;

[Music] Mic Monsta Ft Dready Christ – Change Ya Style (Download Audio and Video)



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