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“See how man run e own home”~Cameroonians Bash Mic Monsta for Hustling without limit

“I do this for the my people””I do this for the money”These are two lines that most artists often preach, in and out of their songs. But even for those that haven’t or are yet to say it, it is hard to say the thought has not crossed their mind. What then do you do when there is a conflict of interest?

Mic Monsta was programmed to perform at Ko-C’s Kumba concert tomorrow afternoon and at Naira Marley’s Valentine concert in Buea later in the evening.

Mic Monsta, Naira Marley Show
Mic Monsta, Naira Marley Show

With the venue moved to Limbe, he has now said he will be attending the Naira Marley concert only.

Mic Monsta announces Change of Naira Marley concert location
Mic Monsta announces Change of Naira Marley concert location

In addition to bashing him for ‘denying’ his hometown, some say Kwata Pikin is giving more thought to the money.

Regardless of how logical the argument may seem, music like other arts is passion. Compelling the rapper to perform in his hometown even when he is constrained or doesn’t feel like, amounts to nothing less than emotional blackmail.Many in Mic’s shoes may do same when they realise they also have bills to pay and a life to live.

There are better ways to make a point across without making a man feel bad because of his personal choices.


Naira Marley’s Valentine’s day show moved to Limbe due to Popular…



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