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Mel,B Akwen & Africam Records “Affaire D’amour” Media hangout Review

Yesterday 12th August,2019 Africam Records organized a hangout with the media as they plan for the they plan for the release of their latest collaboration with Mel B Akwen.

The program was supposed to start around 3pm which it did, but not effectively because the 5* guest of the night, Mel B came few minutes after 5. So, members of the media had to wait till after 5 for the event to properly commence and as you expect, most of those present frowned at this.

However, when she finally settled, she apologized for the late coming and explained that she was just coming in from Yaounde and the traffic at Yassa was not the best. This apology was well received, and the event finally kicked start fully at 5,30pm.

So Africam Records represented by their Cameroon representative, Madam Sophie then introduced the project, how it was realised and the whole idea behind it. She explained that Africam is using same strategy that they used with the Magasco collaboration, as they are interested in the more established artists now.

They decided to use Mel B this time, after she met most of their criteria for selection. She sent some of her songs, Affaire d’amour is their preferred and they went ahead to buy it completely from her and shoot a video.

Mel B also explained the inspiration and concept behind the song. Affaire D’amour is all about appreciating the love and care your partner shows or has shown to you, irrespective of whether you are still together or not.

The members of the media present then had an opportunity to watch the video before its official release tomorrow, a video directed by Fabien Nguemo. After which several questions were asked by members of the media present about the project to both Africam and Mel B and appropriate answers and clarifications given.

Africam records is open to further collaboration with ventures in artist and culture as well as other businesses if they fall within their interest and meet their investment criteria.

Affaire D’amour is their second musical project with a Cameroonian artist and the video will be officially unveiled tomorrow Wednesday August 14th, 2019 on the Africa Records YouTube channel and other streaming platforms.




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