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Mel B Akwen Slams Haters who insult her skin publicly but approach her inbox asking the Njansang she uses.

Its no news that Mel B Akwen has for the past two years received criticisms from fans and the public over her bleached skin.

At the begining of this year, the singer received more criticism than before when she posted a photo on her Facebook page with her skin glowing extra.

Fans who knew how she looked years ago were perplexed seeing how much her skin tone how much her colour has changed which led to them talking negative in the comments section

Yesterday in a post made on Facebook she laughed at people who criticize her for bleaching but come to her privately inbox to ask her the kind of serum she uses. She wrote ?

Mel B Akwen is one of the few female artists who is proud and unapologetic of bleaching her skin. Hate comments seem to mean absolutely nothing fo her as she keeps posting sweet photos of herself.




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