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Meet Our WCW Constance Ejuma. Cameroon’s Hollywood Rising Star

Meet Our WCW, Constance Ejuma, Cameroon’s Hollywood Rising Star.

Cameroon is known around the world for her strides in football and Music like the Makossa genre through artistes like Richard Bona and Manu Dibango of blessed memory. We have other sectors like the film sector with Cameroonian borns around the globe making the country proud.

Hollywood is the oldest, biggest film industry in the world with so many opportunities for aspiring film lovers; be it the Producers, Script Writers, Actors and Directors.

As the years go by, the industry keeps growing even bigger and many Africans have migrated to America and are marking their place in the industry. Kenya has Lupita Nyong’o, Nigeria has Uzo Aduba, David Oyelowo and Ghana has Micheal Blackson and Peter Mensah making their country proud and the flag fly high in Hollywood.

Cameroon is proud to have Constance Ejuma. Though the actress isn’t yet a household name in the industry it is worth noting her efforts made and we will accompany her as she climbs the ladder to the top. Now who is Constance Ejuma you may be asking.

Constance Ejuma at the Golden Globe Awards.

Constance Ejuma is an award-winning actress and producer born on December 5, in Cameroon. She was however moved to Europe by her parents and raised in the United States, where she graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA in theatre, and later on got an MA in Mass Communications, at a university in the UK.

After studies, and obtaining her degrees Constance Ejuma spent some time in Washington DC, pursuing acting in the area before moving to Los Angeles to further her training and advancement in her filmmaking career.

Few years ago, Ejuma produced and stared as lead actor in a movie called “Ben and Ara” which made remarkable success at film festivals around the world, getting recognition for it’s incredible concept.

“Ben and Ara” has won several awards. 2 African Movie Academy Award (AMAA) in the Best Diaspora Feature Film Category, and she got the other award for producing “Ben and Ara”.

The film also won the 2016 Best Cameroonian Film category at the Cameroon International Film Festival(CAMIFF), won 2016 Best Foreign Film at the Ecrans Noirs Film Festival, won Best Narrative Film at the 2016 Reel Sisters Film Festival.

Equally Constance bagged an award for the Best Actress category at the 2016 American Movie Awards for her role in the movie. Also, Constance Ejuma has produced a web series called “Consequences”.

One thing you should know is Constance Ejuma loves to produce and tell her own stories. Constance’s participation in one of Hollywood and Marvel Studio’s biggest movies in terms of popularity and sales “Black Panther” did not only bring her to the limelight as an actress but has also revealed her determination to mark and protect her own place in Hollywood.

It is worth noting that Constance Ejuma has a Screen Actors Guild Award(SAG Award) for her work as a stunt performer in the “Black Panther” movie. So unlike many thoughts that she wasn’t a vital or important cast of the film it turns out SAG didn’t think so.

Constance Ejuma is also a very supportive actor and loves to be a part of gatherings of people (artists) of same mindset and who encourage each other. To this light she joined the, “The African Artists’ Association”, where she is connecting with some talented people like herself.

She is also known for her works in television shows like (“Proof” (2015), “Monk” (2009), “Southland” and “Eagleheart”)with very popular names in Hollywood as her coactors for example Regina King. Constance has appeared in films like “Dad’s War”, “The Undershepherd”, and “8”.

This talented lady is just one of many Cameroonians serving in different entertainment sectors around the world and making Cameroon proud. We will limelight more of them for you. For It is our joy of keeping you entertained!

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