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Manlikeclix goes viral for mixing Ankara fashion and Italian style

Cameroonian designer, Manlikeclix recently went viral with his unique style catching the attention of over 11000 people and over half a million impression for mixing Ankara fashion and Italian style in one single image which he describes as Fusion Styles.

Screenshot: Manlikeclix‘s Instagram post

Born Noel Yengong in Cameroon, Manlikeclix moved to Europe in 2006 where he studied Fashion designing, Cinematography and Photography.

He has proven to be one of the most successful Cameroonians in the fashion domain presenting Africa culture to the Western world in a more elegant form. Unlike most Fashionistas who are just following trends, he has his eyes fixed on pulling out some unique fashion styles people are yet to discover, with a little mix of vintage touch.

After visiting 29 countries and with his British /European influenced cultural way of life, Manlikeclix is looking to guide young fashionistas to the best combination of outfits, where to get them by the help of this blog. Attached below are links to his Instagram account and fashion blog where you can and enjoy Fashion creativity at its best;



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