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Magasco’s fans express disappointment after Dubai show is cancelled.

Cameroonian artist, Magasco signed to BBoy Records was scheduled to perform at the Fortune Boutique Night Club alongside Montess and other artists in Deira Dubai UAE on Tuesday 30th April 2019.

Flyer for Celebrity +237 Night Dubai

Many fans of Cameroonian music have been galvanizing and gearing up towards this event as they felt important since it’s been long any Cameroonian artist performed in Dubai.

In a press release yesterday Saturday 27th April, Magasco announced that the show has been cancelled due to organizational issues out of the control of both parties. The statement further apologizes to Magasco’s Dubai fans and “Hopes” for a future date so they can enjoy Cameroonian music with Magasco on stage.

Press Release from BBoy Records on show Cancellation

Many Dubai based fans have been expressing disappointment over this cancellation citing that they will have nowhere to hide their faces from their Nigeria and East African friends who see their artists visit and perform in Dubai almost on a monthly basis. Some of the fans are demanding a clear reason for the cancellation.

Fan Expresses Disappointment over show cancellation
Fan Expresses Disappointment over show cancellation

This is indeed a disappointment especially as fans and supporters have been building up for the show. Cameroonian event’s organizers in the diaspora have in the past shown their zeal and willingness to bring over Cameroonian artists to perform and export the Cameroonian culture but most of these moves have been characterized by unprofessionalism, shows cancellation, failures etc.

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