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Maahlox calls out Cameroonian dancers for being uncreative and copying foreign dance styles.

Cameroonian artist, Maahlox has recently joined other artists and entertainers standing against the importation of Dance moves and the continuous use of “shaku shaku” and other foreign dance moves in Cameroonian songs.

In a Facebook post 2 hours ago, he says the artists who allow dancers to perform such dances in their songs are not patriotic and do not want to sell their own culture because they are leaving the traditional and urban dances to dance the “shaku shaku” and others.

He concludes by saying that Cameroon is really a whore when it concerns originality and creativity in African music but warns that any dancer who tries to bring that foreign dance to any of his videos, he will first break his/her legs before throwing them out. See screenshot of post below.

We saw Cameroonian video director, Dr. Nkeng Stephens call out Dancers few months ago saying that they are not creative and they keep repeating moves, reason why he shows them less in his videos.

Many dancers too have complained that they are not getting the attention that they deserve and video directors do not regard them like they should.

It’s true that we see less of dancers in videos but it’s also true that they copy a lot of foreign styles in their moves and so if video directors and artists have started complaining, then there is much work to be done creative wise and promoting the local dances and culture.

What do you think about this? Share with us your ideas in the comments section below.

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