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Listen to Tzy Panchak’s New Album ‘Love & War’

Tzy Panchak’s highly anticipated album features appearances from Khoruz, Jubai, Dr. Sid, Longue Longue, Vancy, Zina, Vegah, Recky Dasha, Okunol, Chindo, Marnick, Big G Baba, Cleo Grae, Taron X and Ful.

Tzy Panchak officially unveils his latest album titled “Love & War

Cameroonian artist, Tzy Panchak who is the front line artist of the music label, Blu Nation Recording recently unveiled his debut album titled “Love & War“.

A press release states that the album is an “An in-depth review about life as a whole will leave you with the observation that it’s a narrow bridge of good and bad and life experiences in generally center around these two”. Tzy Panchak puts together a series of unanswered questions, wishes, desires, experiences and circumstances under the themes of LOVE & WAR and a period of his life inspired this.

Tzy Panchak Album
Tzy Panchak Album Photoshoot

This debut project of his dubbed LOVE & WAR made up of 14 tracks is a story retold a reservoir for life changing messages embedded within and a series of untold tales that serve as map to guide the present and hope for the future. It’s a well-rounded album, from fast pace, catchy and heavy rockers. Each song possessing its intrinsic merit very close to the heart, releasing a fury of a myriad of emotions all along the set list, making the sounds diverse and inspiring within the universe it was created for.

Listen to Tzy Panchak’s album “Love & War” on Boomplay

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Listen to Tzy Panchak’s album “Love & War” on Spotify

Watch the new music video for “All Over Me” released on the 1st of July 2022. “All Over Me” is the first single off Love and War album by Tzy Panchak

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