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“Let the Hits Begin…” Boy Tag welcomes Ewube to Stevens Music Entertainment (SME)

Cameroonian rapper, Boy Tag signed to Stevens Music Entertainment (SME) has expressed his excitement as Ewube joins him at the record label.

The news of Ewube being signed to SME existed as background rumours as many anticipated an official communique from SME until yesterday 20th April when media platform, Miss Gina Promotes broke the news to the audience.

Boy Tag in a recent Facebook post called on all supporters of his Music and Cameroonian music to welcome Ewube into SME and went ahead to promise more hits.

Worthy of note that this is the closest we’ve come to an official confirmation from Ewube, her former label Omega records or SME about the new deal. Several sources indicate that both parties are keeping the deal on a low key until Ewube’s first project under the label is ready.

Stevens Music Entertainment on their part are proving yet again that they are one of the best in the Country with the inclusion of Ewube in their list of artists after Daphne, Shura, M-Pro and Boy Tag.

They also had a busy weekend as two of these artists are involved in concerts and events in the biggest stages in the World – Shura performing alongside Jovi and Tekno at the Paposy in Yaounde organized by Johnnie Walker and Music and Daphne performing alongside Kerozen in London organized by Napocite LeBlondnoir.



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