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‘Laughter Heals’ with Senior Pastor | REVIEW |

The Laughter Heals comedy event with award winning Cameroonian comedian, Senior Pastor held yesterday 26th May 2019 at the Red Cross Hall Yaounde and saw amazing performances from Cameroon’s best comedians and artists. The event was hosted by TV and Radio host, Steve Bernard.

Just to confirm that this event was a huge successes as we previewed. The hall was filled to maximum capacity and many people left the hall satisfied following performances from Cameroonian comedians.

Unfortunately, the Nigerian comedians didn’t show up as promised and many people turned up just to watch them. I just read on 237palava that a lady shone ‘things’ just to have a one on one chat with Charles Inojie. Many people are considering it to be a potential scam, if not scam itself

As one of those who assisted to push the show, mostly online, I find myself almost in a position of conflict of interests, something which I usually stay off or I find a way to take myself out but give an honest review and analysis for our comprehension.

First of all, the fact that the Nigerian comedians didn’t show up and the audience was made aware only at the end was bad public relations. Many people who wanted to attend just to watch them perform could easily call it a scam and they are right to think so coz it’s their money and it appears they spent it for the wrong reasons.

But the reasons brought forth by the organizers as to why they didn’t show up were quite understandable. Senior Pastor at the end of the event projected a video by Charles Inojie where he presented his apologies that he will not be able to attend the event and promised to be in the next edition which promises to be bigger and better.

While Gordons had flight issues; he missed his first flight on Saturday and the team booked him another flight that had to take him from Nigeria to Togo before coming to Douala and then to Yaounde. The late and urgent arrangements couldn’t be successful and so he didn’t show up.

I can understand the case of Gordons because we hear of cases of missed flights daily. Sometimes, event’s organizers avoid this scenario by bringing in the artists or entertainers a couple of days before, not 24 hours before like was the case for this event. I’m sure they couldn’t do the couple of days before method because Gordons had a show on the 23rd in Asaba, Nigeria and he had to drive back to Lagos before coming here.

For Charles Inojie, the organizers deliberately withheld his video which should have been communicated to audience in the days before the event. The video indicated that he will not be present on the 26th and that people should still show up at the event as other great comedians including Gordons will be performing. This means that the video was not the kind of video we see during award shows but rather something that had to be published before the event just to keep the spirits of the fans high to be able to turn up.

Saying the event was a scam may be a case of overreaction from the audience because many other Nigerian comedians have come and performed in Cameroon, still under the umbrella of same organizers. Klint the Drunk, Akpororo who have performed in Kumba and Bamenda. So this was just a case of poor communication and late preparations from the organizing team.

I’m very happy with the reviews as concerns the performances of our Cameroonian comedians. Many people were satisfied and it shows that a similar show can be organized without the faces of the Nigerian comedians and the hall be full to maximum.

I’m expecting red carpet, stage and performance reviews from some other blogs as well as official photos from the organizers. Stay tuned to the KESA Facebook page for updates on this.



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