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Lady Ponce Opens new recreation complex in Yaounde

Cameroon’s Bikutsi diva, Lady Ponce embarks into Entrepreneurship. She has decided to invest in the domain of leisure and culture by opening a complex in Yaounde named « Planète Ponce »

This complex located in Messamendongo quater in Yaoundé is set to provide diverse leisure and cultural activities for the pleasure of the Cameroonian public. It comprises of a Dancing Cabaret, a beauty institute, a fitness hall, a restaurant and a solar system sales unit.

It is worth noting that, this is not Lady Ponce’s first investment in the domain of culture. She had previously opened «Ponce Attitude» in Yaoundé which had to close due to poor management since she was focused on her tours and shows and those placed in charge mismanaged the business to its closure.

Lady Ponce seems to be very passionate about promoting Cameroonian Culture. We can recall of her cultural project put in place to bring together women during 8 March named « La femme en Diamant » which was also abandoned due to her absence as she had put it in the hands of people who certainly did not share her vision.

We wish her the best and hope this time around she most have learned from these previous experiences and make sure put the right people in charge or better still make herself more available to oversee the operations of this new venture.



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