Cameroon’s most celebrated artiste Ndukong Godlove Nfor with stage name Jovi Le Monstre’s retirement announcement has gotten the Cameroon entertainment industry talking while others are in “tears” especially his two colleagues Dianee Phillbill Ridimz and Blaise B Akwandor.

Ndukong Godlove Nfor aka Jovi Le Monstre on Tuesday June 10, 2020, took to his Twitter account to announce he’s back in the studio working on his 5th Album, and after its release he will be quitting music making. It is speculated that, he wants to spend more time in raising and mentoring the artistes under his label(Reniss, Tata, Ishaku) and other upcoming acts in the hip hop domain.

Jovi Tweet screenshot

Jovi has over the years been a vital force in the Cameroon music industry. He popularized the now most famous genre in Cameroon; Mboko music done by many established and upcoming rappers. Jovi’s first single “Don 4 Kwat”, changed the narrative of the hip hop scene in Cameroon. He now has 4 studio albums to his name(and working on the fifth before his retirement), with 7 EPS. Not forgetting his fan base called the “Mboko Gang”. The biggest fan base in Cameroon entertainment right now. A milestone no rapper/artistes in Cameroon is yet to reach.

Jovi will sure leave a rich legacy behind. Also, his multiple talent is what makes him highly respected by fans and his colleagues; Jovi is a songwriter, sound engineer, entrepreneur(New Bell Music label boss), record producer with his producer name *“Le Monstre”.
He’s been responsible for producing the big tunes you hear from his own tracks and that of another iconic singer Reniss who is signed to his label New Bell Music.

His resignation has not been taken well by many especially these two colleagues(“Dianee Phillbill Ridimz” and “Blaise B Akwandor”)v who are both singers, producers and label owners and attested Jovi has inspired their works.

In a Facebook post Dianee Phillbill Ridimz begged the legend to grant his wishes by jumping on a track with him or producing a beat with him as it has always been his dream to work with Jovi.

Phill Bill screenshot

While Blaise B Akwandor in a series of tweets said Jovi has been his ghost mentor for years and has inspired him to open his own music company, so it will be a dream come true for him to collaborate with Jovi on a track or production.

Blaise B cries in tweet

Jovi is yet to reply these artistes or his fans who worry and are sad about him ousting the music scene when ever that will be.



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