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Jovi and the Mboko Gang visit the African Action on AIDS Foundation (AAA)

Cameroonian artist, Jovi together with his fans, the Mboko Gang visited the African Action on AIDS Foundation (AAA) in Yaounde on the 24th of August 2019 to donate cash to the organization gotten from sales of the Mboko Gang Merch.

AAA is a non-profit organization working to bring education and hope to HIV/AIDS affected young people, especially young women in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their vision is a world where NO ONE IS ALONE, a world where everyone has access to the support and care they need; an Africa where AIDS and opportunistic diseases are eradicated and where women and girls are empowered and educated.

The attendees of the event which included Jovi, Reniss and many Mboko Gang members from Yaounde, Buea, Limbe, Douala, Bamenda and other parts of the country had the opportunity to meet a few kids that are under the African Action on Aids given the foundation does not keep kids in their headquarters (Most of the kids under them live with different people and in schools).

Also, given the foundation confirmed they weren’t sure to get many kids to come around for the visit, the only had cash contributions to hand over, unlike as was the case during their visit to the Ayah Foundation where they donated cash, food and other supplies.

The Mboko gang is a Jovi fan club created by Jovi‘s fans. Their aim is to protect Jovi, his legacy and to support him. “Mboko” as described by the Mboko Gang team is a culture or lifestyle of somebody who is trying to build something out of nothing.

The Mboko Gang recently signed a 3 years contract with the Ayah Foundation and the African Action on Aids foundation where they will be depositing money into their account for duration of the contract from profits off the sales of the Mboko Merch.

The Mboko Gang explained on Toridey

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