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Jovi launches 4th Studio Album playing a major role in shaping and giving an identity to Cameroon’s music

From producing to rapping, singing, and running a major record label in Cameroon Jovi is not only responsible for shaping and giving an identity to Cameroons music and  hip-hop sounds coming outta Cameroon but he has also assisted so many musicians in the industry in starting a career in music, attaining mainstream success and also expanding the industry with his collaborations with aspiring artists.

When fans are in dying need for an international collaboration Jovi AKA the MbokoGod instead gives his home base and mostly upcoming artist  a major cosign by featuring them on his tracks thereby giving them exposure to the outside world(and who says when you are on the same track with the Mbokogod you are not a star?) and also expanding the industry.

We have seen such things in his Debut album HIV where he brings in a lot of new names to the scene most of which are enjoying mainstream success today in the likes of his frequent collaborations with label mate and other artists;

Reniss; She collaborated on the album HIV on songs like HIV with background vocals on other tracks, also Reniss collaborated on the second album MbokoGod on so many tracks like “Positioning”, “Reality”, “B.A.S.T.A.R.D”. She usually comes in with the hooks, background vocals and choruses in so many of Jovi’s tracks. Reniss is presently a famous name in Cameroon, Africa and beyond with her own albums and tour dates.

Magasco; he started in Bamenda while gaining regional fame with songs like Garri, Kumba market, he featured in HIV on songs like “2much”. But it did not just end there. Jovi further gave Magasco his shine on the song Fineboy which was sponsored by Jovi. Magasco is now the famous Bamenda boy with international recognition.

Shey; he appeared on HIV singing the chorus of Nothing2something and also Mbokogod on Jungle Book(the lost hit), “comme moundi”. Shey achieved some success while at NBM, and he is often respected when it comes to songwriting and bringing in choruses.

Deecy; he appeared on HIV and on the track nothing to something.

Crisley and Jade; they were featured on HIV on the song New Star which today is known as a Cameroonian hip hop classic.

Sheshan; on HIV on the song Never know.

Mr. Elad; he brought his unique vocals on HIV and poured out his heart on the song “All I have”. Mr Elad is still doing his thing and producing too.

PASCAL; one of the best rappers in the country now after signing with Jovi, Pascal gained national and international fame with the hit “check sense” which was a song on Jovi’s Kankwe vol 2. Pascal is now still enjoying MbokoGods blessings with 4 projects and successful singles.

Tilla; being featured on Mbokogod on tracks like “positioning”, “beat tape session”, and releasing her first official EP under Jovi, she was ready for the pressure stardom comes with.

Inna Money& Teddy; Jovi’s influence is not only limited to English artist but extends to the wide as he collaborated with Inna & teddy on Mbokogod. This gave the duo an opening in the English market.

TATA; with his regional hit Back market, Tata was spotted by Jovi and included to the NBM roster, as he will go on to see and claim heights.

Area killa beatz(Kiloh); An already super young producer got signed by Jovi, increase his production skills and exposure to beat making and to a larger audience.

Also so many artists have enjoyed blessings from the MbokoGod as he usually shout outs some dope artist via twitter such as Askia, Skidiboy, Big G, Mic Monsta.

With three successful album’s such as HIV, Mbokogod, 16 Wives, Ndukong Godlove(Jovi) is due to release his fourth (4) studio album today 16th of February 2019.

“God don Kam” is available for Purchase and download on http://shop.newbellmusic.com/



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