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Dodging Sports and Games (DSG) introduces “World Dodging sports” app and game

A team of dedicated young Cameroonians have come together to create the company, Dodging Sports and Games with the aim of professionalizing the dodging sports and also provide a platform where the mobile community can be engaged through the dodging game application called World Dodging Sports.

In a recent press release, the team behind this project explained their objectives and goals as they plan for their grand launching.

Dodging is an indigenous sports played in some parts of Africa like the central, West, Southern and Eastern Africa with a peculiar case of Cameroon. It is often played by girls in schools and in the local communities. Boys however often feature but not dominant. Over the years the sports though full of energy has been relegated and abandoned.

DSG are working to rebrand and present the dodging sports to the present generation and are committed to creating dodging clubs locally and internationally while mobilizing communities and personalities to create teams which shall participate in their different competitions across these national and international territories.

With respect to Cameroon, they have engaged a process of making this sports inclusive in the school curricula across all the educational levels and sectors ranging from primary schools to the university level and they are also creating an enabling strategy which can get this sports included in FENASCO games, regional and national competitions.

Worthy of note that dodging is the only indigenous African Sports that has the capacity to be played in an open field like Stadium of 100 000+ spectators and the team behind this are working towards making it a reality. They are calling on the general public to support in whatever way possible to give this dream a life by actively engaging in all the activities that will be set in place.

The game/app that they have developed and branded “World Dodging sport” (WDS) will run from several versions till maximum satisfaction is met and through it, they seek to communicate the emotions of the local street players to the entire world.

The latest game from Cameroon to the world that is set to change the game dynamics by introducing something new is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on Google Playstore via link;

It is my sport, it is your sport, so let’s make it our sport



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