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Inovio Pharma to test New Coronavirus Vaccine funded by Bill Gates

As reported by Wonderful Engineering earlier today, US-based company, Inovio Pharma, begins testing its new Coronavirus Vaccine this Wednesday 7th April.

Different volunteers from two states in America, Philadelphia and Missouri will be administered the new vaccine and Inovio Pharma expects that it will have safety results by the September to give way for mass production towards the end of the year.

Several donors contributed for this project, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation owned by Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda.

This will be the 2nd vaccine to go under trial in the US after Massachusetts based company, Moderna, earlier carried out testing of the first Coronavirus Vaccine. Results of these tests are yet to be revealed.

For this new vaccine set to be tested from today, more than 40 healthy individuals have already signed up for the trials. Each of them will receive two doses of the vaccine, four weeks apart. These results will determine the safety of the vaccine after which the 2nd stage of trials testing the efficacy of the vaccine will be determined.

Fingers crossed for a successful trial! The world is watching.

Research labs around the world are racing to create a new vaccine. The idea is to simulate an infection, while avoiding the possibly severe symptoms of Covid-19. Once vaccinated, our immune system should destroy the coronavirus if we are exposed to it.

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