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Gasha is 28 today. We celebrate one of Cameroon’s brightest and most talented urban Artists.

Typically known for her amazing voice, Gasha after listening to artists like Eboa Lotin, Richard Bona and others, Gasha discovered her talent at an early age and decided to build a unique style of music.

She was the first artist to be signed by one of the giant music labels today, Stevens Music Entertainment and under them, she released her debut single, “Kaki Mbere” produced by DiJay Pazzo. The song was a huge success and made her popular on the national and African music Scene.

After a serious disagreement, she left Stevens Music Entertainment and joined Tc Concepts International/The Big Kompound where she dropped her 10 track debut album, “Women Will Change Africa (Season 1 Soundtrack)”

This earned her more recognition as she was nominated and awarded as best artist in Central Africa 2014. She later on recorded “Chill” with Ugandan artist Eddy Kenzo which is still considered today as one of the biggest collaborations out of Africa which merged music brains from the East and the West.

The good music and good stories of a bright fast rising artist from Cameroon almost disappeared between mid-2017 and 2018 as we heard of several disagreements and poor decisions between her, her team and friends/supporters. Fans request for new music fell on deaf ears as she slowly became irrelevant and almost forgotten.

Last year 2018, she returned with 2 singles “Back to life” and “Le Meilleur” and recently dropped 3 singles within the past month signaling a major comeback.

In a recent interview with Miss Gina promotes, Gasha assured her fans that despite the inconsistency in her dropping music, she has always been putting in work into her art. She promises them Consistency this year and constant love.

We all will want to see and hear that sonorous voice in hit songs. Gasha needs just a little consistency and hard work to earn the title “Household name” in this music industry.

Sometimes the greatest hits can come from those who have been out and then returned in big ways. Happy Birthday Gasha

Content credit: Wikipedia, 237showbiz, Miss Gina promotes.



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